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Celebrating Planet Earth, a Pagan/Christian Conversation by Denise Cush

Celebrating Planet Earth, a Pagan/Christian Conversation

Denise Cush

May 2015

Pagans and Christians meet and celebrate together.

Carry the Rock by Jessica D. Rzeszewski

Carry the Rock

Jessica D. Rzeszewski

Dec 2014

As an apprentice to a Toltec shaman, Jessica attains what many seekers long for, but during the process her decision as an apprentice surprises even her.

Children of the Green: Raising our Kids in Pagan Traditions by Hannah  E. Johnston

Children of the Green: Raising our Kids in Pagan Traditions

Hannah E. Johnston

May 2014

Children of the Green is an in-depth consideration of child raising from within pagan spirituality.

Coarse Witchcraft Trilogy, The by Melusine Draco

Coarse Witchcraft Trilogy, The

Melusine Draco

Nov 2013

A squint-eyed look at what passes for Craft in many modern groups and just how much of the teaching has been dumbed down.

Calling to the White Tribe by Ed  (Eagle Man) McGaa

Calling to the White Tribe

Ed (Eagle Man) McGaa

May 2013

As the emerging Truth exposes our Religious, Political and Social institutions, can 'Modern Humanity' answer the ancestral calling in time?

Ceremony for Every Occasion, A by Siusaidh Ceanadach

Ceremony for Every Occasion, A

Siusaidh Ceanadach

Mar 2012

Ceremony for Every Occasion is one of the most comprehensive books on ritual and rites of passage available to date.

Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear by Brendan Myers

Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear

Brendan Myers

Mar 2012

Youve heard of sacred places, teachings, treasures and relics. This book explores sacred relationships, and why they matter.

Crusty Crones Get Out and About by Kimi Ravensky, Harmonia Saille

Crusty Crones Get Out and About

Kimi Ravensky
Harmonia Saille

Mar 2011

An educational, insightful and often humorous look at the modern pagan lifestyle as seen from the inside and out.

  • Robert LevyRobert LevyRobert Levy began climbing the shamanic mountain in 1995, attending workshops and learning from such...
  • Danu ForestDanu ForestDanu Forest is a Celtic Shaman, Witch and an ard ban Drui / Druid Priestess with over 30 years worki...
  • Vivienne MossVivienne Moss~Vivienne Moss is a solitary witch, mystic, and priestess of Hekate who resides in a small Indiana t...
  • Mark TownsendMark TownsendMark Townsend is a combination of priest, magician and writer. He uses seemingly opposing forces as ...
  • Barbara Meiklejohn-FreeBarbara Meiklejohn-FreeKnown widely as The Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free was born and brought up in the Highlands ...
  • Amythyst RaineAmythyst RaineAmythyst Raine is an author and the mother of seven magickal individuals. She writes books on witchc...
  • Emma Restall OrrEmma Restall OrrEmma Restall Orr (aka Bobcat) is one of the most well-known Druids worldwide. She worked for the Or...
  • Flavia Kate PetersFlavia Kate PetersFlavia Kate Peters resides in Buxton, where she and shaman expert Barbara Meiklejohn-Free work under...
  • Joanna van der HoevenJoanna van der HoevenJoanna van der Hoeven is a Druid, Witch, author and teacher. She has written several books on Druidr...
  • Leo RutherfordLeo Rutherford
  • Graeme TalboysGraeme TalboysGraeme K Talboys is the author of a number of books. He lives in Scotland.
  • Kylie HolmesKylie HolmesKylie Holmes, though a naturally intuitive person, has refined her skills through regular meditation...
  • Jane MeredithJane MeredithJane Meredith is an author and ritualist. She is passionate about myth, magic and the evocation of t...
  • David SalisburyDavid SalisburyDavid Salisbury is Wiccan clergy within Coven of the Spiral Moon, a coven based in Washington DC. Th...
  • Jez HughesJez HughesJez Hughes is the founder of Second Sight Healing, established in 2005 and based in the UK, a centre...