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Divining with Animal Guides

Answers from the World at Hand

Hearth Moon Rising

Feb 2018

Finding personal guidance in the study of nature.

Divorcing a Real Witch

for Pagans and the People that Used to Love Them

Diana Rajchel

May 2014

Divorcing a Real Witch: a spiritual guide to divorce/handparting for Wiccans, Pagans, and the people that once loved them.

Dedicant's Guide to First Degree Priesthood, A

A first step to Clergy in the Craft of the Wise.

M.L. Rosenblad

Apr 2014

An honest, in-depth guide to becoming a member of Pagan Clergy.

Dance of Stones

A Shamanic Road Trip

Kenn Day

Oct 2013

A unique perspective from a full-time shaman, actively practicing in a professional setting for over 25 years.

Dangerous Place, A

Robin Herne

Sep 2013

Magic and murder meet in Suffolk, with short stories exploring the spirit of place, and the dark side of belief.

Diary of a Heretic

The Pagan Adventures of a Christian Priest

Mark Townsend

Sep 2013

An uncompromising and heretical priest's diary exploring the meaning of life and death, success and failure, religion and magic, and instituional Churchianity.

Drinking the Four Winds

A Shamanic Love Story

Ross Heaven

Jul 2013

A love story. An adventure. An Andean shamanic initiation based on the principles of love, reciprocity and blending with God.

Deep Heart of Witchcraft, The

Expanding the core of magickal practice

David Salisbury

Apr 2013

Seeking the teachings and ways that might lead us to look beyond the surface and into the depths of the Craft.

Deed Without a Name, A

Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft

Lee Morgan

Jan 2013

Everything you need to know about cutting-edge research on witchcraft pre-prepared for practical use. 

Druidry and the Ancestors

Finding our place in our own history

Nimue Brown

Nov 2012

Exploring how we use the past to construct ourselves, and how we imagine the future.

Druid's Tale, A

Cat Treadwell

Jun 2012

A Druid s Tale is the story of a 21st century Druid Priest developed from the popular blog

Dictionary of Magic & Mystery, The

Melusine Draco

Apr 2012

The ultimate guide to the mysterious, the magical and the supernatural. Over 3000 entries, together with 26 mini-features

Druid's Primer, The

Luke Eastwood

Feb 2012

A comprehensive guide to genuine druidic knowledge and practice based on ancient texts and surviving Celtic lore and customs.

Druidry and Meditation

Nimue Brown

Jan 2012

Deep contemplation enables the voice of spirit to be heard. Meditation and Druidry combine to bring peace and possibility.

Daughters of Danu, The

Piet Ceanadach

Jul 2011

A spiritual, uplifting story created to introduce and encourage new and old Pagans alike to the new Old Religi

Druid Way Made Easy, The

Graeme Talboys

May 2011

The Druid Way in an acorn.

Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve

Retrieving the healing gift of the Sacred Feminine for the human family through myth and mysticism

Heather Mendel

Nov 2009

What if the story of Eve is wrong? Kabbalah reveals her as humanity’s quintessential hero. You decide – if you dare!

Daughters of the Earth

Goddess Wisdom for a Modern Age

Cheryl Straffon

Jul 2007

This book explores the space where science and magic meet

  • Robert LevyRobert LevyRobert Levy began climbing the shamanic mountain in 1995, attending workshops and learning from such...
  • Llyn RobertsLlyn RobertsAward winning author of both Nautilus Gold and Independent Publisher's awards, Llyn Roberts, is a pr...
  • Elen SentierElen SentierBest-selling author of British native shamanism. Elen also writes paranormal mystery-suspense novels...
  • Danu ForestDanu ForestDanu Forest is a Celtic Shaman, Witch and an ard ban Drui / Druid Priestess with over 30 years worki...
  • Mark TownsendMark TownsendMark Townsend is a combination of priest, magician and writer. He uses seemingly opposing forces as ...
  • Vivienne MossVivienne Moss~Vivienne Moss is a solitary witch, mystic, and priestess of Hekate who resides in a small Indiana t...
  • Barbara Meiklejohn-FreeBarbara Meiklejohn-FreeKnown widely as The Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free was born and brought up in the Highlands ...
  • Amythyst RaineAmythyst RaineAmythyst Raine is an author and the mother of seven magickal individuals. She writes books on witchc...
  • Emma Restall OrrEmma Restall OrrEmma Restall Orr (aka Bobcat) is one of the most well-known Druids worldwide. She worked for the Or...
  • Flavia Kate PetersFlavia Kate PetersFlavia Kate Peters resides in Buxton, where she and shaman expert Barbara Meiklejohn-Free work under...
  • Leo RutherfordLeo Rutherford
  • Graeme TalboysGraeme TalboysGraeme K Talboys is the author of a number of books. He lives in Scotland.
  • Lee MorganLee MorganLee’s university education involved a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours, majoring in Creat...
  • Angela PaineAngela PaineAngela Paine grew up on a hop farm in Kent. Her botanist father taught her about plants, taking her ...
  • David SalisburyDavid SalisburyDavid Salisbury is Wiccan clergy within Coven of the Spiral Moon, a coven based in Washington DC. Th...