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Witchcraft...into the wilds by Rachel Patterson

Witchcraft...into the wilds

Rachel Patterson

Feb 2018

Through the wilds of nature, back to the roots of witchcraft.

Way of the Lover, The by Ross Heaven

Way of the Lover, The

Sufism, Shamanism and the Spiritual Art of Love

Ross Heaven

Sep 2017

The secrets of the Sufi medicine wheel, a journey to love and power

Whispers from the Earth by Taz Thornton

Whispers from the Earth

Teaching stories from the ancestors, beautifully woven for today's spiritual seekers

Taz Thornton

Mar 2016

Ancient teaching stories from the earth, together with meditations and step-by-step guides to sourcing your own tales from the spirits of the ancestors.

Woven Word, The by Romany Rivers

Woven Word, The

A Book of Invocations and Inspirations

Romany Rivers

Oct 2014

A creative compendium of invocations, inspirations and blessings for the novice or adept to design personal, unique and magical rituals .

When a Pagan Prays by Nimue Brown

When a Pagan Prays

Exploring prayer in Druidry and beyond

Nimue Brown

Jul 2014

Exploring prayer from a Pagan perspective.

Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On by Trevor Greenfield

Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On

Trevor Greenfield

Jun 2014

An anthology published in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Gerald Gardner's seminal work, Witchcraft Today.

Wild Earth, Wild Soul by Bill Pfeiffer

Wild Earth, Wild Soul

A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture

Bill Pfeiffer

Jun 2013

Imagine a nature-based culture so alive and so connected spreading like wildfire. This book is the match!

Where the Hawthorn Grows by Morgan Daimler

Where the Hawthorn Grows

an American Druid's reflections

Morgan Daimler

May 2013

A unique look at the beliefs and practices of American Druidism through the eyes of an Irish reconstructionist Druid.

Wakeful World, The by Emma Restall Orr

Wakeful World, The

Animism, Mind and the Self in Nature

Emma Restall Orr

Nov 2012

This book challenges the prevailing worldviews of materialism and dualism, outlines the alternatives, presenting animism as a radically different, yet mature and coherent philosophy.

Way of the Horned God, The by Dancing Rabbit

Way of the Horned God, The

A Young Man s Guide to Modern Paganism

Dancing Rabbit

Feb 2010

For every young man,serious about Pagan spirituality, in his quest for manhood.

Walking the Path: The Cree to the Celtic by Shirley Laboucane

Walking the Path: The Cree to the Celtic

Shirley Laboucane

Feb 2012

Nature comes alive and provides inspiration for our state of being, she is ancient healer; a life blessed brings blessings.

Wiccan Celebrations by Silver Elder

Wiccan Celebrations

Silver Elder

Apr 2011

The illustrated book of Wiccan practice based on the Seasonal and Lunar cycles. A complete practical guide to Wiccan experience.

Way of Awen, The by Kevan Manwaring

Way of Awen, The

Kevan Manwaring

Jun 2010

Learn the art of living creatively in this mythopoeic examination of the tale of Taliesin. A follow up to The Bardic Handbook, looks at the philosophy behind the bardic path.

Wings of Isis by Lady Brenda McKoy

Wings of Isis

Lady Brenda McKoy

Sep 2009

The Wings of Isis presents a temple by temple guide into the mysteries of Egyptian Magic and the Isian Tradition.

Whisper of Stone by Tess Dawson

Whisper of Stone

Natib Qadish: Modern Canaanite Religion

Tess Dawson

Jul 2009

Way Beyond the Shaman, The by Barry Cottrell

Way Beyond the Shaman, The

Birthing a New Earth Consciousness

Barry Cottrell

Sep 2008

claims Earth's spirit is right here, deep in our physical bodies, so find it and connect with it to be part of the new consciousness.

Walking An Ancient Path by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Walking An Ancient Path

Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Jun 2008

Way of the Druid by Graeme Talboys

Way of the Druid

The Renaissance of a Celtic Religion and its Relevance for Today

Graeme Talboys

May 2006

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