Llyn Roberts
Llyn Roberts

Award winning author of both Nautilus Gold and Independent Publisher's awards, Llyn Roberts, is a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism. She has trained extensively with traditional Andean healers and has been initiated into shamanic circles by Quechua peoples in South America, and in Siberia. Llyn holds a master's degree in Tibetan Buddhist and Western Psychology and interned in India through The School for International Training. She has facilitated sacred journeys to work alongside indigenous people living in remote regions of the Amazon basin, the Asian steppes, high Andes, and in ancient Maya lands of Central America.

She co-facilitates expeditions each year to work with Maya elders in Guatemala and to pristine locations in West China. Llyn teaches at highly regarded educational institutions in the U.S., is was a consultant to the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth Sustainability Initiative and the non-profit, Earth Train, dedicated to the preservation of indigenous cultures and rain forests in Panama. She served as adjunct faculty for Union Graduate School and for many years directed the non-profit organization, Dream Change.

Llyn Roberts is the author of The Good Remembering and Shamanic Reiki. Her most recent book, the IPPY Award winning, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, integrates spirituality and shamanism with environmental activism. Her forthcoming book, authored with world-renowned shamanic teacher, Sandra Ingerman is Speaking with Nature ~ Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth. A modern day mystic and spiritual ecologist, Llyn's work inspires a deep sense of belonging with the natural world. To learn more about Llyn Roberts visit www.llynroberts.com and www.eomec.org

Books by Llyn Roberts
Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness by

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness

Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World With Ancient Shamanic and Modern Methods

Sep 2011

Ancient and modern methods that you can use everyday to transform yourself and make a positive difference in the world.

Shamanic Reiki by

Shamanic Reiki

Expanded Ways of Working with Universal Life Force Energy

Jan 2008

"This book teaches us about the power of love, light, and respect for all of life. Roberts and Levy did a magnificent job." Sandra Ingerman, Author of How to Heal Toxic Thoughts

Good Remembering, The by

Good Remembering, The

A Message for our Times

Apr 2007


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