Aspecting the Goddess

Aspecting the Goddess

Drawing Down the Divine Feminine

Enter the realms of the Goddess, where her stories are alive all around us...


Aspecting the Goddess is a memoir, a workbook and an exploration of twelve different Goddess myths. Aspecting, or drawing down a Goddess, is an invitation to share our bodies and our experience with the divine feminine. Step by step, this book unfolds different levels of this practice.


In Aspecting the Goddess Jane Meredith combines skilful and engaging storytelling with easy to follow directions on a set of tools with which you may create deep and enriching personal relationship with the feminal divine. Aspecting the Goddess is a joy to read. Both accessible and fresh, this creative guidebook to crafting relationship opens the door to intimate and personal communion with the Great Goddess in Her many guises. ~ Lassara Firefox Allen, author of Jailbreaking the Goddess

Jane Meredith’s Aspecting the Goddess is a bold and unique look at connecting to myth and deity. While the book’s main intention is to help anyone gain a stronger and deeper relationship with the feminine divine it also offers an opportunity to look at the world itself with new eyes, to see everything around us as pieces of the Goddesses (and Gods) we are reaching out to. Designed as a journey, walking the reader through the process of connection on different levels with different Goddesses, this book feels both deeply personal and deeply spiritual. A valuable addition to any pagan’s library, whatever path you may follow, as it presents some wonderful food for thought and ideas for spiritual growth. Morgan Daimler, author of Pagan Portals The Morrigan and Brigid. ~ Morgan Daimler

One of the most compelling features of Paganism and Goddess spirituality is the direct experience of the Divine. Aspecting the Goddess provides a wealth of resources for those that are seeking a more profound connection to the Divine Feminine. Six different methodologies are described that allow you to find your way into experiencing and manifesting the Goddess in both your awareness, rituals, and in your perspectives on life. Although the focus is on Goddesses, the material presented is equally applicable to working with Gods as well as beings that are beyond gender. The book itself is like a journey that incorporates personal experiences, myths, stories, and practical magical advice. How far you go is up to you, and you may go further than you think ,because you will have the benefit of experienced guides that have gone before you. Ivo Dominguez Jr, author of Spirit Speak and Casting Sacred Space ~ Ivo Dominguez Jr

Aspecting the Goddess will inspire you, guide you, support you and help you connect in so many different ways with the divine in whatever shape or form you see it. This beautifully insightful book contains not only myths about goddesses from around the world but personal stories and experiences together with some really wonderful exercises, rituals and creative prompts to help you. Prepare yourself to be taken on a most amazing journey… Rachel Patterson, author of The Cailleach, Animal Magic and Kitchen Witchcraft. ~ Rachel Patterson

I loved the entwining of Jane's life experience with different forms of invocation and Aspecting of Goddess, demonstrating how drawing close to Goddess affects our everyday lives. Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon ~ Kathy Jones

This is a book about intense emotions, including grief, gradually being understood through working with the old myths. Parallels are suddenly clear from the evolving dramas that explain our own reactions and the behaviour of people. Aspects of Goddesses are shown to us through our interactions with them and how we can access them through creativity - however alien that may seem at first - and how profound the answers can be. Aspecting the Goddess offers reconciliation possibly, far greater comprehension of our lives probably, and, if we dare, an enthralling and rich Inner life almost certainly. There are sound chapters on the practical side of solo or group working and how one's own journey is always paramount and not deflected or confused by the presence of others. Geraldine Beskin, The Atlantis Bookshop ~ Geraldine Beskin

Jane Meredith
Jane Meredith Jane Meredith is an author and ritualist. She is passionate about myth, magic and the evocation of the divine. Her books include Journey to ...
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