Avebury Cosmos

Avebury Cosmos

The Neolithic World of Avebury henge, Silbury Hill, West Kennet long barrow, the Sanctuary & the Longstones Cove

Mann throws light on the motive behind the creation of Avebury’s awe-inspiring mounds and megaliths by demonstrating that they were aligned to the cycles of the Sun, Moon and stars.


A fresh look at the World Heritage Site that includes Avebury henge, West Kennet long barrow and Silbury Hill. Mann combines archaeology, astronomy and anthropology to offer an original and convincing account of the building of these extraordinary Neolithic monuments. The ancient Britons were inspired by a profound knowledge of the heavens when they erected the monumental stones of Avebury. Mann throws light on the motive behind the creation of its awe-inspiring mounds and megaliths by demonstrating that they were aligned to the cycles of the Sun, Moon and stars. This book will help visitors and readers to see Avebury in a wholly new light - the light of the heavenly bodies that guided its Neolithic builders. Avebury Cosmos will reawaken our ancient reverence for the stars and deepen our respect for the extraordinary abilities and forgotten knowledge of our prehistoric ancestors.


In his fascinating new book Nicholas Mann creates a speculative vision of the esoteric significance of the constellations to our prehistoric ancestors.  Highly recommended.

~ , The Cauldron

Fascinating and deeply weird science, well written. This book's novel ideas are well-argued and honestly presented as theory rather than fact. Archaeoastronomy is complex, but Mann's book goes much further towards explaining it than anything I have read. ~ Steve Marshall, Fortean Times

Avebury Cosmos is a fascinating book and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in stone circles or who is planning on visiting Avebury.  ~ Lucya, Badwitch

A compelling account of the creation of this extraordinary landscape, underlining the homage that the neolithic monument builders paid to the sun, moon and stars, the cycles of which were marked exactingly by the megaliths, and providing probably the most inspiring and comprehensive investigation of Avebury ever published.Anyone who reads this book is bound to see Avebury with fresh eyes, and possibly find the awe in which our distant ancestors held the heavens, and the lost knowledge that made such remarkable feats of engineering possible, stirring tantalisingly within.Read more at Suite101: Book Review: Avebury Cosmos | Suite101.com http://geoffward.suite101.com/book-review-avebury-cosmos  ~ Geoff Ward, Suite 101, Mysterious Planet

Landscape archaeology is much in fashion at present, but the one part of the prehistoric landscape which can be reconstructed with real accuracy is usually forgotten. Nicholas Mann's painstaking research shows how it can be reintegrated, and how archaeology, astronomy and anthropology can be brought together, to produce a plausible hypothesis regarding the nature of one of the world's greatest prehistoric monuments.  ~ Professor Ronald Hutton, History Dept, University of Bristol

Having visited Avebury on several occasions myself and knowing how magical and beautiful the area is this book was really interesting. Incredibly well written and researched, whether you have visited the stones or not you will find this a wonderful book to read ~ Rachel Patterson, blog

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