Daughters of the Earth

Daughters of the Earth

Goddess Wisdom for a Modern Age

This book explores the space where science and magic meet


Modern society is experiencing a tremendous revival of interest in Goddess spirituality, which is found in all ancient cultures and civilizations. This book weaves a pattern of Goddess research, spiritual practices and contemporary ideas. It draws on the fields of history and archaeology, folklore and legend, earth mysteries and new physics and anthropology, and explores the space where science and magic meet.


Combined with the written resources are wonderful recounts of folk traditions associated with each festival, along with pictures and beautiful artwork. Included in each chapter is also a ritual, celebrated by women, some of which are exeptionally poignant and reverberate with deep meaning and wonderful potential. This books instills the reader with a deep respect for Mother Earth, and encourages the reader to do more with a newly awakened consciousness. ~ Druid Network

Beginning with Samhain, Cheryl Straffon weaves her way through a chapter on each of the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year. With a vast knowledge of goddesses from many different cultures, an awareness of sacred sites, and interesting folklore, each of her chapters features festival history and a ritual. Daughters of the Earth is filled with all sorts of information, from tidbits about astrology to descriptions of rituals in caves where, at the equinox, the sun marked the spots along the wall of the cave. Straffon is from the U.K., so many of the caves and other places where certain rituals are performed are in England or Ireland. The artwork and photos in the book bring the history of goddess worship alive in the present. ~ , New Age Retailer Magazine USA

A reflection on the many ways we can connect with changing faces of the Goddess throughout the year.You will find much here to inspire you. ~ , Silver Wheel

Stir the Eternal Feminine awake in your life,understand the need to attune and celebrate the Solstices and Equinoxes within the Wheel of the Year. A great succinct book for those looking deep within themselves for the Divine Feminine. The Mother Energy can be understood, as can the deities honoured in days gone by. Full of delicious information in an easy to read format, this will save you sifting through lots of other books. A gentle read which confirms what you may already know but adds lots of bits you may not. Be well rounded and read this book, you will want to talk about what you read and share the knowledge with your friends. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever, Goddess Wisdom for a Modern Age

Cheryl combines legend, landscape and women's ceremonies to create a wonderful mixture of Goddess experience in the present day. A feast of information, ideas, facts and visions. ~ Kathy Jones, Co-founder of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and author of The Ancient British Goddess

Cheryl Straffon
Cheryl Straffon Cheryl Straffon edits two magazines, Goddess Alive! and Meyn Mamvro, and runs a publishing firm in Cornwall, bringing out titles on local sa...
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