Deep Heart of Witchcraft, The

Deep Heart of Witchcraft, The

Expanding the core of magickal practice

Seeking the teachings and ways that might lead us to look beyond the surface and into the depths of the Craft.


The elements, the guardians, the spirits and gods; these are all things beginner Witches are taught about and trained to work with. We learn about correspondence and how to associate symbols with their mysteries. But what are the real mysteries behind the symbols? What lives at the very heart and core of these teachings? In the Deep Heart of Witchcraft, we seek the teachings and ways that might lead us to look beyond the surface and into the depths of the Craft. In this book, we’ll look at the tools and spirits of the sacred elements to connect us back to the power of nature. Through ritual, we turn and face traditions both new and old to enrich our practice and feed the soul. And through the wheel of the year, we connect with the ebb and flow of the cycles of time and space.


The Deep Heart of Witchcraft: Expanding the Core of Magickal PracticeAuthored by David Salisbury I found The Deep Heart of Witchcraft to be very refreshing, and so much more than a Wicca 101 guide. The Author, David Salisbury, draws the reader in with the ease in his writing, and the wit behind his words. Each chapter begins with a quote from one of many inspiring people, including Kahlil Gilbran and Yoko Ono. While I read this book, I felt as if I was being guided by an old friend, through each element, I found understanding, not condescension, as is found with other books on the subject. There are many exercises and rituals which are very well written and inviting. David encourages the reader to remember that not everything warrants spellwork, there are other ways to attain that which we are wanting. I personally found the rituals deeply touching and trans-formative. What stood out the most to me is the need to move beyond what we are, as Witches. His words "Do you choose to stand in only one world, or within them all?" resonate deeply within me, as I am sure they will with many others. The Deep Heart of Witchcraft sheds light on impressions of my own from a different perspective that I found thought provoking, pertaining the the energy of anger in magick. I applaud Mr. Salisbury, for writing a book that is sure to be around and used by many generations of Witches. I highly recommend this book to not only seekers, but to those who are already established in their craft, and experience a deeper connection. ~ Meg Mohrade Smith, Amazon

Author David Salisbury assumes that you already know something about being a witch, that you’ve read a few books and know the basics. If you don’t know the basics, have no idea what to do with an athame, have never worked through the wheel of the year... this is not the place to start. Get a copy and stash it for later, because if you’re seriously interested in witchcraft, you’re going to want to read this. The majority of books are aimed at the beginner. As a consequence there’s a lot of material that will allow you to set up a basic practice and do some witchy things, but moving on from there into work of greater depth, power and significance, can be a bit of a mystery. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, the whole thing can be a bit perplexing. There’s no shame in not being able to do this in a big intuitive leap because so many things in our culture lead us away from the spiritual and magical. Many of us have a lot of assumptions and habits to overcome as part of our path into Paganism. David’s book will lead you through the familiar territory of the elements and the wheel of the year, but rather than showing you yet another surface, he takes readers deeply into questions of why, and how, and to what purpose we work with these things. This is enriching. Coming to this as a Druid who has read a lot of witchcraft books, I thought it was an absolute gem. There’s a lot of wisdom here that has relevance for wider Paganism as well as witchcraft, and more eclectic practitioners may well benefit from reading it. The writing style is friendly and accessible, and there’s a lot of passion underpinning the work. It’s clear David lives his path and writes from a place of knowing, not from hypothesising. He’s beautifully non-dogmatic, making it easy to work with his ideas without being restricted by them. A fine book, and a worthy addition to any esoteric bookshelf. ~ Nimue Brown, goodreads

David Salisbury is one of our true modern mentors in the field of Witchcraft and brings his delightful mind deep into the heart of the subject in this delicious book. He has a unique ability to turn a phrase in a way that is original and thought provoking. I kept having to put the book down and think a bit of what he'd written in particular chapters. I enthusiastically recommend this book to both novices and seasoned veterans. ~ Katrina Rasbold, Amazon

David Salisbury comes from a place of being – from having lived the forces that he writes about, from interacting with them on a daily basis in his life. I was very impressed when I glanced at the table of contents, and the very “simple” manner in which this book is organized – the five elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit), the Gods, Deep Ritual In Witchcraft, Spinning the Wheel, and Putting it all together... ...Salisbury walks his talk – he speaks from an inner knowing, and in a manner that is easily followed. He is respectful of all paths, and presents his material with care. This is an excellent primer for those wishing to understand more about Witchcraft, as well as for those that wish to follow the Path. Read more on ~ Bonnie Cehovet,

When I got a review copy of The Deep Heart of Witchcraft, the publicist told me the book was "a good one". Well, I thought, I suppose she would say that, being the publicist. Mind you, the initial blurb sounded interesting too: "...The Deep Heart of Witchcraft, a book aimed at Wiccans and Witches looking to go beyond the 101." There are quite a lot of books out there aimed at beginners, but there's a shortage of material pitched at a more advanced level. Books on learning the basics of witchcraft cover things like how to cast a circle, the symbolism of the elements, honouring the goddess and god, and seasonal rites to celebrate the Wheel of the Year. That is all you really need to know to get started, but more and more witches - particularly solitary practitioners without the training structure of a Wiccan coven - are looking for material going further. The Deep Heart of Witchcraft: Expanding the Core of Magickal Practiceassumes you already know how to cast a circle and probably have a bit of experience of taking part in rituals. It looks at core aspects of witchcraft - the elements, the gods and ways to use the power of the seasons for personal transformation - but in much greater depth than beginners' books. I would call it intermediate level. You really do need to know the basics and be able to manipulate magical energy before being able to attempt some of the workings in this book. A long section deals with working with death, both contacting those who have died and coming to terms with our own inevitable death. For Wiccans, that kind of magic isn't normally tackled until long after initiation. Publisher Moon Books also says: "In The Deep Heart of Witchcraft, we seek the teachings and ways that might lead us to look beyond the surface and into the depths of the Craft. In this book, we’ll look at the tools and spirits of the sacred elements to connect us back to the power of nature. Through ritual, we turn and face traditions both new and old to enrich our practice and feed the soul." The author, David Salisbury, is a highly experienced Wiccan practitioner based in America. He is also a very good teacher and his writing style is clear and easy to follow even when he tackles complex issues and highly esoteric concepts. The Deep Heart of Witchcraft came out in April and it took me most of last month to read it - it is a long book. But I've enjoyed it and learned a few things from it even though I've been a witch for decades. The publicist was right, it is a good one. ~ Lucya,

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, when you have been living the Craft for a lot of years you begin to think that you won't read anything new...but I have to say David Salisbury's book delivers the goods. I was captivated from the very first few pages. David's book reads in such a pleasant and informal way that he brings the reader into his thoughts and ideas, he also asks questions, important ones and of course answers them with various insightful options. This book is wonderful, packed full of information, thoughts, points of view and lots of exercises to help the reader understand and gain experience from. Definitely one to have on your bookshelf whether you are new to the Craft or a seasoned Witch, in fact don't just leave it on the bookshelf...I encourage you to use it! ~ Rachel Patterson,

David Salisbury is well-poised to lead the Millennial Generation into deeper contact with their spiritual natures. A dedicated practitioner, he writes of his encounters with the sacred in an intimate way that is sure to help new seekers along the way. ~ T. Thorn Coyle, Mentor, activist, teacher, and author of Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose, and the Power of Desire, Kissing the Limitless, and Evolutionary Witchcraft.

A powerful and practical manual to bring the depth of spirit to your Craft. ~ Christopher Penczak, Co-Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft

With an inviting and engaging style David Salisbury opens the reader to the Deep Heart of Witchcraft. From what appears at first to be an eclectic Wiccan outline emerges a conversation that moves passed commonly accepted paradigms and provides powerfully-effective technique and meditation. I recommend this book to Witches who are eager to create and consolidate personal pathways of daily practice. Salisbury opens the door to enriching and soulful connection with the Divine. ~ Gede Parma

David Salisbury has written a truly brilliant work of magic, one that will take the reader on a journey deep into the hidden secrets of the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit, and explore their connection to the tools, rituals, meditations, and deities that Witches work with every day. I found myself looking at these energies in new ways and am excited to try the practices woven throughout. While many books gloss over these components in a cursory fashion, Salisbury shows how they form the foundation of a truly magical life. ~ Christian Day, Author of The Witches' Book of the Dead (Weiser, 2011)

David Salisbury has written a solid, practical guide full of exercises and wisdom that will serve both the beginner and the experienced witch well. "Deep Heart of Witchcraft" is both approachable and understandable. Covering everything from meditation to prayer, magic, to honoring the dead, Mr. Salisbury's gentle, easy style makes this a delightful addition to one's bookshelf. ~ Galina Krasskova, author of

David Salisbury
David Salisbury David Salisbury is Wiccan clergy within Coven of the Spiral Moon, a coven based in Washington DC. The focal point of his spiritual practice ...
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