Divining with Animal Guides

Divining with Animal Guides

Answers from the World at Hand

Finding personal guidance in the study of nature.


A chance encounter with a shy or beautiful animal is an auspicious sign, but a sign of what? Divining with Animal Guides explores animal divination from a process perspective rather than providing generic lists of meanings. Nine animals are given in-depth treatment, many more are mentioned in passing, and all are presented with the aim of developing tools for personal insight. You will be encouraged to examine symbolic and metaphoric encounters as well as physical ones, making the material useful in both urban and wilderness settings.


This book resonated with me. It starts with a personal story of an event that happened to author Hearth Moon Rising, of encountering a dangerous wildcat and gaining a message that experience. I am lucky that I have never encountered a really dangerous wild animal - at least nothing more dangerous than a swan with attitude that tried to mug me for my sandwiches. However, I have divined meanings from creatures I have seen or have crossed my path when out in the countryside. Once, I was at a junction in a pathway across a meadow and unsure which way to go. At that point a hare ran out of a hedgerow and sat for a moment in the middle of one path. It stared at me, then turned and ran back into the hedge. I took it as a message to use the other path - and it was the right choice. Divining with Animal Guides is full of stories like the one with the wildcat or my hare. It teaches ways of using both intuition and knowledge to get messages from animals and offers excellent research and practical guidance. The nine animals covered in depth are cat, alligator, horse, bee, scorpion, raven, woodpecker, deer and crane. I might be unlikely to encounter an alligator in England, but that really isn't the point. They are just examples and the techniques taught can be used to find meaning from any creature you spot, whether in real life, in a dream or in a meditation or shamanic journey. ~ A Bad Witch's Blog, www.badwitch.co.uk

"We find this to be an incredible book. In fact, we cannot remember a time when we have perused a book which contains so much information about animals." ~ Ginae reviews, http://www.ginaereviews.com/2018/03/divining-with-animals-guides-answers.html

This book is a wealth of wisdom that will help you access practical and mystical guidance from the natural world. Hearth Moon Rising has done a vast amount of outstanding research on lore and history from around the globe, yet the book is captivating, never dry. The stories and exercises inspire while teaching. Everyone should own a copy of this valuable, readable resource. ~ Nikki Starcat Shields, author of The Heart of the Goddess: A Handbook for Living Soulfully

Hearth Moon Rising captures the animals she encounters in words that make the reader see, feel and experience their true nature. ~ Rev. Donna M. Swindells, Walking the Mystic's Path

This experiential knowledge continues to investigate itself as inseparable from all of life. ~ Danica Anderson, PhD, Blood and Honey the Secret Herstory of Women

Hearth Moon Rising
Hearth Moon Rising Hearth Moon Rising loves exploring the multidimensional aspects of animal encounters. She takes an experiential and historical approach to u...
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