Druid Way Made Easy, The

Druid Way Made Easy, The

The Druid Way in an acorn.


An encounter with a spirit in a beech grove fifty years ago convinced longtime Druid Graeme K Talboys that the eye rarely sees all there is to see. A few years later he realised there were ways to discover more about those other worlds amongst the trees. The word Druid didn't drift into his consciousness until he was a teenager, but by then he was already exploring the Forest and fascinated by the history and archaeology of ancestral Celts.Since then, Graeme has been a teacher in schools and museums. He now writes, passing on what he has learned through fiction and non-fiction. He spent some time in a Druid Order, completing their formal training, but is much more comfortable exploring the Forest on his own. Since 2001 he has administered the Hedge Druid Network with fellow Druid, Julie White.


"If you are curious about the history of the Druids, the lifestyle or how practices today differ from those hundreds of years ago I suggest giving The Druid Way Made Easy a read." ~ Of Art and other Things, http://ofartandotherthings.com/2015/07/the-druid-way-made-easy-a-book-review/

As a complete novice regarding Druidry I found The Druid Way to be an excellent introduction and overview. Talboys looks initially at the background of Druidry through the Celts and Celtic metaphysics before looking specifically at what the 'Inner World', 'Outer World' and Other World' mean from the perspective of a Druid. Finally he writes about what he calls the Druid Way i.e Druidism in the modern world, and the purpose of ceremony and ritual. I really appreciated the fact that the author dealt with the whole area of modern day Druidry with a light touch rather than go into great depth about any specific area or a Druids life or beliefs. This is balanced by a comprehensive reading list which then allows the reader to follow up anything that is of particular interest. In particular I enjoyed the final section of the book which is devoted to practical ways of incorporating Druidry into every day life. When looking at any belief system it is important to look not only at the history of any way of being but how it applies to and can be lived now. The Druid Way does this. I would certainly recommend this to anyone interested in starting to look at Druidry or who is looking for an introduction or overview without having to plough through reams of possibly unnecessary information to get it. ~ Yvonne Ryves

I was impressed by the quality of the book – the author has managed to explain all relevant concepts in a simple (but not simplistic manner) and to share the inspiration of the druids themselves. ~ Martin Beltov, http://codices.info/2016/04/review-the-druid-way-made-easy/

"This Book is a Great.... essential... flawlessly written." ~ Druidic Dawn, http://www.druidicdawn.org/node/2616

I have huge respect for Graeme’s work and he’s been a source of considerable inspiration to me. This is an excellent book for people new to Druidry, and for those of us further along the path, too. I heartily recommend it. ~ Nimue Brown

Graeme Talboys
Graeme Talboys Graeme K Talboys is the author of a number of books. He lives in Scotland.
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