Gray Witch's Grimoire, The

A magickal formularia to guide you through the mysteries of witchcraft in the spirit of the ancient wise-woman

By reading The Gray Witch s Grimoire you will empower yourself through ancient mysteries, secret rites, and magickal spells that leave the world of the mundane behind and nurture the wise-woman in us all.

This Grimoire allows you to stand in the shadows and grab the powerful energy found there.

This book is not for the faint of heart, but for the powerful magickal practitioner who is not afraid to stand her ground and declare her heritage. It puts matters to right and gives the public a view of just what the gray witch is, and what she is not. The gray witch does not live in a world of chaos or unbridled black magic. She has a code of honor, a sense of propriety, and a relevance in society today.

Through shades of gray, the world of magick opens in technicolor, revealing the true heart of the witch.
  • Raine has offered a lot of information on witchcraft, in an easily digestible form and the book follows a logical progression throughout.

    All in all, this book is not for the faint-hearted, but it is written with boldness, daring, courage and honesty. Whatever any individual's personal thoughts on it are, it is a compulsive read, and appeals to the shadow side that everyone has within themselves somewhere. Highly recommended
    ~ Willow Merrymoon
  • An empowering book, and a useful addition to any witch's bookshelf. ~ Lucya Szachnowski,