Handbook of Urban Druidry, The

Handbook of Urban Druidry, The

Modern Druidry for all

Simple accessible techniques to bring modern Druidry to the general populace.


Druidry is currently exciting much interest but has an image that is not usually associated with urban life. In The Handbook of Urban Druidry, author Brendan Howlin presents Druidry in an easy-to-understand way, making the concepts open to everyone.


'Have you ever thought that there must be a better way to live than the way you do now?' begins this engaging little book. If you think it sounds like yet another self-help manual, then think again, for it soon becomes abundantly clear that we are in a safe pair of hands. Brendan Howlin writes exactly as I imagine he speaks. Here is a friendly down to earth voice with a solid helping of common sense and a good dash of humour, the kind of voice you could listen to for hours. The book is aimed at those new to Druidry and, as the title suggests, living in an urban environment. Not that the rural Druid would feel excluded in any way, and there's plenty of interest here here for even the seasoned Druid. Brendan begins by tackling lifestyle and its difficulties for the average stressed and overworked city dweller. First comes learning how to stop and look, learning to see, unlike those in the car park on an autumn evening, rushing to get home and failing to see the large fox standing in the middle of the car park. We learn to take a few moments to stop, look and see, the sky, the sunset, the urban fox, learning how to live in the here and now, to create a little space in a busy life. Next comes learning to relax, to practice breathing deep and slow, to meditate. There's a quick introductory gallop through the seasons and the Wheel of the Year. We touch on ethics, with a sensible discussion of Crowley's maxim 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law', and there's a section on environmental awareness and living lightly on the land. Finally we are pointed towards what it means to study through the three grades Bard, Ovate and Druid. This book is written by someone who really cares, really wants the reader to have a more rewarding lifestyle. It's only a small book, but it really might change your life! Polly Morris ~ Penny Billington, Touchstone

An excellent down-to-earth and witty introduction to how Druidry can help us in the 21st century. ~ Philip Carr-Gomm

Brendan Howlin
Brendan Howlin Brendan Howlin is a Druid grade member of the order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). He has been a Senior International Tutor for Bards a...

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