Hummingbird's Journey to God, The

Hummingbird's Journey to God, The

Perspectives on San Pedro; the Cactus of Vision

establishes San Pedro as a plant capable of miracles and spiritual healing.


San Pedro, a visionary and hallucinogenic brew derived from the mescaline-based Trichocereus pachanoi or cactus of vision, is one of Peru's most important and powerful teacher plants. For thousands of years this brew has been drunk by spiritual seekers and those who need healing, and has cured a wide variety of physical problems, including cancer, diabetes, paralysis and pneumonia, and emotional and psychological issues such as alcoholism, heartbreak and grief. Those who work with it say San Pedro brings us closer to God. There has been no book specifically written about the shamanic use of San Pedro until now. This important volume is therefore a first of its kind. In it, Ross Heaven looks at the healing and ceremonial usage of San Pedro, with interviews and case studies from shamans and participants who offer their remarkable stories of instant cures and spiritual insights. This is a unique book which establishes San Pedro as a plant that is capable of miracles and a healing spirit whose teachings have much-needed wisdom for the whole of mankind.


Ross looks at both healing and ceremonial usage, and presents interviews and case studies from shamans and participants, who offer stories of cures and spiritual insights. ~ Cygnus Review,

The Hummingbird's Journey to God is a delightful book to read - well written, engaging and thought-provoking. I must admit I am still somewhat cynical that all its claims are true, but I'm certainly intrigued enough to want to find out more. ~ Lucya Starza,

The Hummingbird's Journey to God is a delightful book to read - well written, engaging and thought-provoking. ~ A Bad Witch's Blog

The author, who is to be congratulated for bringing San Pedro to a wider audience, recounts his experiences on taking the cactus, and also interviews other Andean healers and those who have drunk the brew. The book contains a useful glossary. ~ Andy Munro, Fortean Times

A fascinating read and likely to stimulate new perceptions of the psychosomatice aspect of illness. ~ Geoff Brooks, Light

Some wonderful insights - [NB comment refers to an interview Ross gave the magazine about San Pedro based on the contents of this book] ~ Morgan Maher, writer for Daniel Pinchbeck's Reality Sandwich magazine

The Hummingbird's Journey to God includes an introduction by Dr David Luke of Northampton University who is currently engaged on research into states of non-ordinary reality and the ESP-enhancing potential of ayahuasca and San Pedro. ~ Dr David Luke

Ross Heaven
Ross Heaven Ross Heaven was a shaman, psychologist, author, therapist, TV, radio and magazine contributor, workshop facilitator, and presenter. He wrote...

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