Identity and the Quartered Circle

Identity and the Quartered Circle

Studies in Applied Wicca

Who are you? Why are you here? Enter Wiccan sacred space where the magical answers reside in the Quartered Circle.


Identity and The Quartered Circle is an eclectic Wiccan discussion of the search for identity through the power of a cast circle and the four directions. The book defines the Circle as a container for magic. A chapter on psychological identity follows. From casting a circle to meeting the Elementals and winged spirits of faerie, the author leads the reader on a personal journey in consciousness. At its conclusion we can speak intelligently of merger with the Gods and Oneness and the reader can answer the big four questions: Who Am I, Why am I here, Where did I come from and Where am I going?


If you are pagan, the answer usually given is that we should look within ourselves to find out who we truly are. That, however, is easier said than done - especially without a guide to help us. A new book Identity and the Quartered Circle is such a guide. It has the subtitle Studies in Applied Wicca, but don't worry if you aren't an initiated Wiccan. This is a book that starts at the basics, takes you through intermediate level practises and goes on to some pretty advanced personal development techniques. It uses eclectic Wiccan-style circlework, but is suitable for anyone willing to put in the effort. Author Dorothy L Abrams is an experienced spiritual teacher, having practised and taught witchcraft, paganism and core shamanism since 1984. She is the co-founder of the Web PATH Center, a pagan church and teaching organisation in the USA, and much of the material in Identity and the Quartered Circle comes from the courses she runs there. Many exercises are practical - using journalling, sketching, crafts, chanting, drumming, dance and storytelling as well as ritual work to help on the journey of self-discovery. If you feel you are on a journey of self discovery, wherever you might be on that path, I am sure this book can offer something to help you on your way. ~ Lucya,

To all seekers of their authentic Selves and lovers of Earth’s magic and mystery, there is no better way-shower than Dorothy Abrams. In Identity and the Quartered Circle she has distilled years of metaphysical and spiritual teaching into a comprehensive and accessible guide to the deep re-membering of who we are. No matter if one is new or seasoned on this path, what awaits the reader is a treasure trove of information, engaging stories, compelling practices... ~ Carol Ohmart-Behan, writer and teacher of Earth-wisdom

Identity and The Quartered Circle is a watershed book for advanced students (and a challenging one for some new seekers). It leads us from the ordinary manner of being into a world of glorious possibilities using all our faculties, not just our spiritual aspects. ~ Elspeth Odbert, co-founder of The Haven Way in West Virginia, teacher and storyteller, author of Gylantra's Journey, "The Challenge," and related aud, The Haven Way

From the basics of "Harm None" to the intricacies of working with spirits, elementals, divination, sacred geometry and so much more with a strong moral code of ethics, this is a "must have" book for the library of any witch! I wish I had this book 40 years ago! ~ Marie Taber, aka the Ditch Witch

Dorothy Abrams brings all the wisdom and insight of a shamanic practitioner and Wiccan priestess into the modern world with computers and the internet. This form of paganism is all inclusive, humanistic and traditional, as well as very modern; focused on spiritual evolution of the soul and enlightenment of the self. Is it honest, is it helpful, is it kind? Yes, Identity and the Quartered Circle is all that and so very much more! ~ Virginia Waldron, director and founder of the RoseHeart Center, Fayetteville NY

In Identity and the Quartered Circle: Studies in Applied Wicca, Dorothy L. Abrams brings her extensive experience in teaching to the written page in a way that systematically introduces us to the world of Wicca. The book encourages us to go deeper into a relationship with ourselves, Gods and Goddesses eventually completing the circle. Through multicultural examples, stories and ritual she walks us through the spiral of Wicca Life. ~ David Bennett, author of Voyage of Purpose: Spiritual Wisdom from Near-Death back to Life.

Speaking to the reader in terms which explain, reassure and entice, Dorothy Abrams' plentiful academic and historical references illuminate the ground rules of this mysterious and complex subject. ~ Mano Mannaz, Avalon EarthKeeper in Glastonbury, visionary artist and author of The Truth Sings in Circles

Dorothy Louise Abrams
Dorothy Louise Abrams Dorothy Abrams, known as Anemone Webweaver in the magickal community has practiced and taught Witchcraft, paganism, and core shamanism since...
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