Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants, A

Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants, A

A journey into the magical world of herbs and plants, filled with magical uses, folklore, history and practical magic. By popular writer and kitchen witch, Tansy Firedragon.


Every plant, every flower, every herb and every tree has energy, and that energy has magical properties. This book is go-to guide on how to work with these magical herbs and plants, how to use them and what to do with them.


In the process of reading this one at this time, however so far it is very interesting and imaginative with how to work magic with herbs. For the beginner it is yet another priceless book. It will definately be one that i will refer to in the future. ~ Kris, Amazon

Yet another fantastic book by Rachel Patterson. Very informative and without the fluff and padding most authors use nowadays. As a horticulturalist I found this volume very interesting and look forward to re-reading it." ~ Spike, Amazon

Yet another fantastic book by Rachel Patterson. Very informative and without the fluff and padding most authors use nowadays. As a horticulturalist I found this volume very interesting and look forward to re-reading it. ~ Spike, Amazon

Just what I was looking for. There is a few paragraphs for most herbs and also they are separated into lists by astrological sign, month, gender, etc. Makes looking things up easy and quick. Great reference. Also good for those who are learning the craft. I also liked her conversational tone. ~ ReadSub, Amazon

This a lovely book. Rachel Patterson's warm, knowledgeable and witty writing style makes this accessible to a readership consisting of novice and experienced magical practitioner. If you have even the slightest affinity with the plant world this is a good book to acquaint yourself with their mysteries. The author places the reader at the heart of the home and natural world; and does not assume they have either deep pockets or access to unfathomable arcane lore. The book is divided into clear chapters dealing with the practicalities of growing and harvesting plants, plant spirits. a compendium of plants with their practical applications and correspondences. The tools of the Kitchen Witch are readily available and do not require a hefty wallet you may be relieved to know. This book is as much about forming relationships with the plant allies as it is about magical working. ~ Jan Malique, Amazon

A wonderful book as everything coming from the author. Buy it if you are serious herbal disciple as I am ~ Natalia McGinness, Amazon

Awesome (5 stars) ~ Prentice, Amazon

This is not your ordinary herb book. The author has such wonderful knowledge of plants and herbs. I has inspired me started my own herb garden. ~ Amazon customer, Amazon

A brilliant book for every witch to have in her/ his collection. I particularly liked the different suggestions of crafts throughout the book ~ Willowmoon, Amazon

Interesting read with lots of useful information ~ Jayne Pallet, Amazon

Rachel's personal, 'easy to relate to' style of writing is comforting and refreshing. She manages to convey her wisdom with clarity and some lovely bits of humour which all makes you feel relaxed about using herbs for good use on a daily basis. Anyone would be able to access the uses of herbs through this book and Rachel considers modern day living too but manages to make you feel you are connecting to the ancient world of natural medicine. Lovely to read, and a brilliant practical source of reference which deserves a good place on your kitchen book shelf. ~ Julie Rahman, Amazon

Wonderful book ~ Sonia Dunmall, Amazon

Interesting insight of correspondences ~ Mrs Linda Storey, Amazon

I bought this in the Kindle edition but it seems so good I need the book as well! ~ Customer, Amazon

I love this book ~ Rockinhippy, Amazon

It's such an amazing book it is easy to use and understand I would recommend this but I would recommend all Rachel's books as it gives you all the information you need but it is an easy read at the same time ~ Orchid, Amazon

I have not taken this book out of my bag since I received it. I am constantly picking it up when i have a chance and reading it. I am very happy with my purchase as it is a tremendous book. It has lots of useful information and well written. ~ Crystal L, Amazon

Excellent! Just what I've been looking for. :-) ~ Karen Kelly, Amazon

i love this book its easy to read and follow for a novice and informative to those who are more experience. R achel Patterson is a excellent author and writes with passion and humour,her books have pride of place in my libary and i dip into them all the time, she is insiring and is well worth the five star rating. ~ Amy Newman, Amazon

love this book, its very practical and gives good advice on the plants and herbs to use and what for, a must in any book collection ~ CosmicDancer, Amazon

I first came across Rachel's books at the Kitchen Witch School, and bought my first book through Amazon, Kitchen Witchcraft. I really like the way Rachel writes, she is very informative, but also makes the books understandable, plus she makes me titter at some of the things she says. I next purchased, Moon Magic, also very good. I have bought this latest book from Rachel's website, along with some herb oracle cards, and true to form, it is another five stars from me for 'World of magical plants & herbs'. ~ Wyrdkath, Amazon

I've enjoyed thumbing thru this book, it's full of useable info. I really need to just sit and read it when there's time. I'm glad I got it! ~ Debbie Martin, Amazon

Another well written and delightful book from Rachel Patterson! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it - it is packed full of a ton of information on herbs and plants and all in one place! It is nice to have a modern, up-to-date book to look up all my herbs and plants in! I loved the little funny comments she adds - makes you giggle and makes the book more welcoming and less intense - a very enjoyable read! There is a lot of information packed into this one book - everything from plant energies, to how to grow them, store them etc and so much more. Every correspondence a witch could need is in here too along with how to make or craft certain herbal items too! My one quibble is that there are no illustrations of the plants, herbs etc but after all is said and done it is still a wonderful and very handy book! Very happy to give this a 5 star rating! ~ Amazon, Candice

This isn't a medical herbal or a 'how to grow herbs' book. It is an easily accessible guide to the energy and magick of the old ways employed by cunning folk and the village wise women , often referred to as Witches. A Kitchen Witch will find this an invaluable quick reference to herbs, their magickal properties and correspondences. Written in Rachel Patterson's friendly and conversational style There are many ideas on how to use herbs around the home harnessing plant spirit energies, including tips on growing, harvesting and storing them, and using them in meditation. My favourite craft idea being the Lavender pentacle. The directory of herbs isn't comprehensive,, but most the items listed are easily grown, or acquired in a supermarket or online shop and are those you would probably the ones you would want to know about as a hearth and home focused Kitchen Witch. I found the sections at the end containing the correspondence lists really useful as a cross reference to identifying the most useful herb for a given situation. It will be a well used reference in my kitchen. ~ Zoe Lynch, Amazon

Firstly, this is a kitchen witch’s book rather than a medicinal reference book, so you won’t find herbs to ease an achy tummy but you will find a very comprehensive list of easy to find plants, their correspondences, and some teas and ritual ideas to use them in, which takes up the bulk of the book. However Ms Patterson doesn’t stop there. I had to fight the urge to add ideas to my Book of Shadows (herbal firelighters anyone?) and her instructions are really easy to follow. I must confess, I have always bought smudge sticks from shops but it is so easy to make them, now I know how, that I feel a fool and I’m inspired to try some of these ideas out. There is a fantastic section that covers herbal code names, which makes eye of newt and sparrow tongue a little less revolting, as well as an explanation of the Victorian flower language. There are chapters on intent correspondences, elemental correspondences, gender and planet correspondences, herbs for dark magick… Basically this book has everything you need to know about plants and herbs for all your spellworking and magickal needs, and I think it is a really good addition to the shelves of anybody who wants to widen their knowledge of this field. ~ Susanne Warnett,

This is a comprehensive look at how plants and herbs, those found in the garden as well as those purchased in shops, can be used in a wide range of ways to enhance your life. Rachel Patterson shares her ideas for growing, harvesting and storing herbs, working with plant spirits and energies, as well as ways of crafting with flowers and herbs. The bulk of the book is made up of information about each individual herb or plant and includes general information for each plus the magical properties. In some cases there are spells, incense mixes or even teas that can be made from the herb or plant. There are also correspondence lists for the plants in the book. This is not a medicinal guide, not a how to grow book but rather a wonderful resource in which the author shares her love of herbs and plants and the magical uses that they can be put to. A must for the bookshelf of every witch, would be witch as well as anyone who loves plants and herbs. ~ Yvonne, Amazon

The Heart of the Hereafter can help to serve as a life review for the living. The stories can change not only how we view the end of life, but how we view life itself, and thus how we actively live our lives, particularly when we encounter the part of ourselves that is nothing but love. The end of life is almost never pretty, but it can be almost overwhelmingly beautiful. ~ BrumbySunstate

Rachel Patterson and the Witch’s Kitchen Traditional witches didn’t have temples and the nearest they ever got to an established meeting place was a remote grove in a wood or a cunningly concealed cave – most of the time their witchcraft was practiced in the privacy of their own kitchens. If this seems rather mundane, then we need to remind ourselves that the hearth fire is one of the most sacred elements of old witchcraft; and this is what Rachel ‘Tansy’ Pattersen harnesses in her series of ‘kitchen witch’ books. Her first book ... Pagan Portals: Kitchen Witchcraft Written in an informal, chatty style that invites the reader to: “Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea, sit back and take a glimpse into the world of Kitchen Witchcraft”, this slim volume gives a valuable insight into the secret world of a witch’s kitchen: what they do in there and how they do it. Packed full of ideas for crafting such as washes and smudges for your home and your body, witch bottles, incense, medicine bags, meditations, magic powders and offerings, a brief glimpse into the meaning of the Sabbats, moon working, the Elements and candle magic. An excellent introduction for those who interested in following the Path of the old ‘parish pump’ style of witchcraft. ISBN: 978-1-78099-843-5 (Paperback) £4.99 $9.95 ISBN: 978-1-78099-842-8 (eBook) £1.99 $2.99 Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch Rachel’s second book is essentially a ‘Book of Shadows’, describing what it means to be a witch, how they work, what they do and how they celebrate the turning of the seasons. Like the previous title, it is packed full of information about all sorts of subjects from a breakdown of rituals and magical tools to reading auras and rites of passage, along with meditations, recipes for oils, incenses and spells and a huge amount of crafts to make for each Sabbat. The author admits this is a personal approach to witchcraft and although it doesn’t follow any particular tradition, it still manages to give a highly informative overview of the witch’s Craft. ISBN: 978-1-78099-958-6 (Paperback) £14.99 $24.95 ISBN: 978-1-78099-957-9 (eBook) £2.99 $2.99 A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Herbs and Plants Due for publication 31st October 2014 this third ‘kitchen witch’ title reveals that every plant, every flower, every herb and every tree has energy - and that energy has magical properties. Here Rachel Patterson takes us on a journey into the magical world of herbs and plants, explaining their magical uses, the folklore and history surrounding them, and practical magic – because this book is not about medicinal herb uses, but about magical ones. A comment from one of the publisher’s readers is well worth noting: “What struck me immediately here was the phrase: ‘There are lists of magical correspondences in books and on the net and I will give you lots of ideas and examples within these pages too, but at the end of the day it is you that decides what works for your particular need. Just because someone else says one herb is good for prosperity doesn’t mean it is necessarily the right one for you, if you really strongly feel that it is better for healing then go with your instinct’.” A book to look forward to reading ... Too many people writing on pagan subjects only have a limited experience to draw on but this cannot be said of Rachel Patterson, whose Craft credentials are impeccable. She has been a witch for many years, having worked through the three Wiccan degrees (with two different groups), becoming a High Priestess in 2011. Exploring many different disciplines along the way, she is also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids; has studied with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone and contributes articles regularly to a variety of pagan magazines. When reviewing a book I want to know whether an author is qualified and experienced to write on a subject and Rachel Patterson’s antecedents pass with flying colours – here is an author well-worth following. Melusine Draco : Principal of the Coven of the Scales. ~ Melusine Draco, Goodreads and amazon

This book contains all the guidance most witches need for working with common magical herbs. Filled with useful ideas and applications. ~ Hearth Moon Rising, author of Invoking Animal Magic

Rachel brings the magic of plants and herbs to life with her familiar, easy to follow style that is a delight to read. Her experience shines through in this volume that moves seamlessly from practical, common sense advice to matters of magic, meditation and spirit. This is a volume that not only is a joy to read cover to cover but should remain on any practicing witch's shelf as a constant point of reference. So often we forget the power of what seems mundane because it is familiar to us, and Rachel effortlessly recaptures the wonder of what we may see as weeds, and reminds us that we can strengthen our connection to the natural world through the magic and mystery of plants ~ Mabh Savage, Celtic Witch and author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors

Rachel Patterson’s book A Kitchen Witch’s Book of Magical Plants and Herbs is a wonderful resource for what can be a confusing subject. The author guides the reader through the intricacies of different aspects of plant magic, including astrological correspondences and working with plant spirits, with ease. Full of practical tips as well as metaphysical wisdom, and written with humour and an engaging style, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the magical uses of plants ~ Morgan Daimler, author of Fairy Witchcraft and Where the Hawthorn Grows

I’m a herb and plant lover and have been all my life. Rachel’s book is a delight, takes me back to learning with my family as well as forwards into new ways of working with herbs. There are lots of practical tips on growing and harvesting as well as star lore and the seasons as well as a very good list of herbs to use. Rachel advises the absolutely right way of learning from plants … “If you want to find out what magical property a particular herb or plant you have in front of you has, there is a very simple way…ask it!” Rachel has it absolutely right, asking is the way. If you want to begin a love-affair with herbs this book is certainly for you ~ Elen Sentier

Once again, Rachel Patterson has turned out an excellent book full of information that will appeal to any level of experience and a wide variety of spiritual paths. From practical projects using readily-available, familiar herbs to more interesting incenses with ingredients the reader will feel inspired to quest for, this book offers something for everyone. I especially appreciate that Ms. Patterson acknowledges the plant spirits and encourages the reader not just to learn about the magical properties of each herb, but to communicate with its spirit as well. The book includes an enchanting list of old-fashioned 'code names' for herbs (bat's wool and hare's beard!) as well as a handy reference guide that allows the reader to search for herbs by intent or by elemental, zodiacal and planetary correspondences. All in all, this is a valuable addition to the bookshelf for anyone interested in the magical uses of herbs. ~ Laura Perry, author of Ariadne's Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in Our Modern Lives

A Witch’s World of Magical Plants & Herbs is just as fun and delightful as it is useful. Patterson reveals fascinating plant lore that is not always easily found in most of the popular herbals and plant grimoires around today. This is a great addition to any budding herbalists' collection. ~ David Salisbury, author of Teen Spirit Wicca and The Deep Heart of Witchcraft

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