Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals

Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals

The first in a series of specially written pagan material for children.


This book is written for children between the ages of four and eight, it has nine chapters, one for each of the festivals and one for the Moon. There is a story, things to do and teacher/parents and guardian notes for each chapter. There are also simple prayers for children.


this is simply a wonderful book which explains the background to the pagan festivals and tells us and our children some lovely stories to illustrate them. it is simple and informative. I wish i had this when my children were little but look forward to revisiting it with my grandchildren when they are the right age. One for parents and teachers and of course the children themselves. no nonsense. no sentimentality...just a clear voice telling us it as it is. ~ Colette Brown, Amazon

'Happy quality time with the children'. It was lovely to share the midwinter festival with my 7 year old daughter. We loved the story, enjoyed the creativity session and even ddid some home cooking! I look forward to repeat the session arount the next festival. ~ Pim, Amazon 5 stars

I received my copy of Lets talk about Pagan Festivals this morning. I found the book well written and easy to understand. I think it will be a valuable teaching tool in schools, for teachers teaching in today's growing multi cultural society. Well done, at last a book that explains in easy to understand terminology the festivals of the pagan community for children and adults alike. An enchanting and useful book. ~ Garry J-Nixon, [email protected]

22.10.2012 Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals by Siusaidh Ceanadach. This lovely little book for children will be published in December by Moon Books It covers all eight of the Sabbats with an introduction on each one for adults/teachers then a beautiful story for each celebration for the children to read to help them understand just what each one is all about. In addition there is also a chapter on the Moon with a beautiful story and ideas on how to celebrate each phase. Followed by suggestions of activities for the children to undertake, a recipe to make and little prayers to say for each Sabbat too. Delightful! ~ Kitchen Witch -Tansy, School of Kitchen Witchery (blog)

I have enjoyed reading 'Lets Talk About Pagan Festivals', and sharing this magical book with my children. It sparks their imagination and offers them opportunities to be imbedded in the beautiful dance of our Pagan ways, the cycles of Nature, and the reverence that we share with our Earth. The illustrations provide a sense of magic and wonder for their little minds. It is so wonderful to have a resource which is grounded in our ancient, and modern traditions. As a practicing Druid and Pagan, living in the Southern Hemisphere, I feel that the author has woven a beautiful book which includes our cycles and seasons so that we can talk about what is happening outside our window, in our time of the year. Truly a magical gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all ~ Kirsti Chapman, New Zealand

Siusaidh Ceanadach
Siusaidh Ceanadach Siusaidh Ceanadach has been Pagan for over twenty-five years. She trained as an Astrologer in London and became a Wiccan, training in an Ale...
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