Living Shamanism

Living Shamanism

Unveiling the Mystery

De-mystifying the role of modern shamanism as we embark on an alchemical healing and transformational journey of sacred self-discovery


De-mystify modern shamanism as we undertake an alchemical healing and transformational journey of sacred self-discovery.
Julie Dollman shares her own experiences as she embarks on a difficult, challenging and wondrous journey into the world of shamanism, emerging with some amazing and simple tools, a sense of belonging and most importantly, a wondrous connection to the natural world that we all live in. Living Shamanism will appeal to those who are looking for an alternate way to tackle day-to-day issues they are experiencing and to those that are seriously considering a lifestyle change.


ongratulations Julie. It was an unforgettable experience to journey through this book with you... And as you know, my life has been changed forever because I walked the path set out by your book so I am eternally grateful. By the way, your approach to the material is so unique and compelling, and yet it's practical; a satisfying and informative read that will open your spirit. I can't wait to read it again ~ Eddie O'Hanlon, Speechcamp

‘Living Shamanism’ is an inspiring journey into the most ancient spiritual path on the planet. It demystifies the shamanic way and reveals how this ancient wisdom and practise can reconnect you to an authentic relationship with yourself, your community, the earth and with the cosmos. ~ Steve Nobel, Director - Alternatives Piccadilly, Alternatives Piccadilly

WOW! WOW! WOW! Your book is absolutely fantastic. Well done, Medicine Woman, we are LOVING it since we retrieved our copies from the postman. Your writing voice is as strong and powerful and clear as your immense heart. ~ Karen Ward , Sli An Chroi, School of Shamanism

Julie Dollman
Julie Dollman Julie Dollman is a Shamanic Healer who trained and graduated with the Four Winds Society back in 2005. She now works as a full-time shamanic...
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