Maiden, Mother, Crone

Maiden, Mother, Crone


The Goddess is coming back, but the one we're least familiar with lies under our feet. For long years, in her many faces, she's been buried in dry and awkward translations. Written in the first person, these provocative and surprising renderings of Celtic tales take us on a challenging journey in which the twelve most ancient and extraordinary goddesses of the land reveal their light and dark faces. In bringing their symbolism to life for today they restore our earlier understanding of war, sex and death. Encounter the endurance of Branwen, the wit of Rhiannon, the daring of Medbh, the magic of Ceridwen, the testing of Arianrhod, the betrayal of Deirdre and the power of the Morrigan. Share the Goddess' spiritual journey. Learn from her loves, her challenges, and how she triumphs through her pain. Travel with her and be ready to receive the gifts she has to offer.


Forty thousand feet above Paris, flying above the clouds and watching the sunrise on an otherworld landscape seemed an auspicious moment to open Claire Hamilton's book, Maiden, Mother, Crone. Claire's book lived up to that moment: from the first page I was held in the thrall of the Celtic world she has crafted. I have often found the Celtic tales dry and confusing in the hands of others, but with Claire's magic retelling, the tales become insightful and compelling. The stories are written in the first person, and this brings a directness and accessibility to them. The book opens with: The Goddess is coming back! She is returning in myriad ways, some subtle, others less so. Subtly she is returning through myth, magic and intuition. There is a beautiful poetic Prologue, which begs to be read aloud: The Voice of the Goddess spoke the first word. But it was not a word. It was an impulse, a thought, a quickening. The twelve ancient goddesses in the tales take you on a personal journey that is challenging, provocative and healing, showing their darkness and their light. As women they are betrayed and they endure, bringing courage and power through their trials. For me there was a feeling of reaching back through the ages to women ancestors and sharing their pain and also the gifts they offer. The book divides the tales into Maiden, Mother and Crone goddesses, and the tale of Brighid the Crone revealed a new aspect of Brighid for me. If you are like me and have struggled with Celtic tales, wondered how to pronounce Celtic names, or felt that you have not grasped the allegorical meaning of the stories then 'good news' Claire also provides a guide to Celtic pronunciation and notes on the stories. Run to get this book! It is not only a great read but also a wonderful tool for reflection and learning. ~ Glastonbury Goddess Temple Newsletter

This book captivated my imagination from page one. Claire has the unique ability to make the heroines come alive by narrating their stories in the first person. Tales from Celtic mythology are often retold in scholarly style, this is why to me the book is like a personal journey of the Divine Feminine throughout. In Blodeuwedd's story I can sense the Maiden's excitement at being wed, yet share Her defiance against being dealt with like a chattel. I cheered at her choosing the man of her own desires, regardless o the consequences. Branwen's role as sister, adviser to her brothers, later wife and Sovereignty, nurturing Mother Goddess to all within her lands, especially her very own son, led Her to suffer deepest humiliation from the hands of those who loved her. Yet she maintained her dignity, and, never losing Her pride, emerged triumphantly the true sovereign of the lands. I tasted the Morrigan's cold fury, as she released Her Crone warrior force upon those who rejected Her offer of commitment, especially Cuchulainn who remained blind to her gifts. My skin pricked with excitement as She dealt out punishment as she saw fit, then triumphed in her withdrawal from the world of man, entering forever the icy terrain of winter. This book is a triumph for Celtic sovereignty, presented by a true Bard, awakening the Celtic Goddess in Her glorious triple Form. ~ Touchstone Magazine Journal of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids).

This is a vividly written and evocative series of stories in which Celtic goddesses speak in the first person about their lives and experiences. The sources of the narratives are explained in the book and there is a glossary of names and pronunciation. The book enables the reader to reconnect with a neglected but resurgent tradition that is a part of the advent of the feminine in our time. ~ , Scientific and Medical Network Review

Conjures the ancient Celtic Triple goddess in rich first-person narratives that bring their journeys to life. The greatest gift offered is Hamilton's personification of the goddesses' experience of pain, ecstasy and transformation. She brings these goddesses to life in such a powerful way that readers will recognize remnants of this heritage in today's culture. ~ , SageWoman

It is good to see, within the Celtic renaissance, a book in which the stories convey a flavour of what it may have been like to have lived, loved and worshipped as a Celt. it offers great insight into arcane knowledge and how European civilization has been cultivated. A good and informed source for scholars of Celtic history. ~ , Light

an original and compelling retelling of some wonderful stories by an accomplished mistress of the bardic art. Unusual and refreshing, the book provides within its covers the variety and colour of a complete bardic festival. ~ Professor Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, University of Bristol

Claire Hamilton
Claire Hamilton Claire Hamilton has a joint degree in Drama and English from Bristol University and an MA in English Literature. She has written a range of ...
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