Medicine for the Soul

Medicine for the Soul

The Complete Book of Shamanic Healing

Become your own shaman - All you will ever need to know about shamanic healing


A complete study course in classical and cross-cultural shamanism, teaching the reader all s/he ever needs to know about shamanism, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, spirit extraction, house cleansing, cleaning the energy body, working with the souls of the dead – and much more.



Delivers everything it promises! This book was excellent, and probably the most practical book on shamanism, magick and spiritual healing you will find. I read about a book a week and many are on shamanic/spiritual practices but I have yet to find one this hands-on and practical in the way that so many books promise but rarely deliver” and “Excellent. Medicine for the Soul is described as being a complete introduction to shamanic healing and it is indeed this, yet it is also far more.” You can look inside the book at ~ ,

...The introduction promises that if you read the book and follow all the exercises: " will learn how to journey in the worlds of the shaman to meet spirit guides and allies, how to retrieve power for yourself and others, how to heal shamanically, retrieve lost soul parts, remove spirit intrusions, rebalance the body’s energy system and gain guidance for the future using divinatory techniques so you can provide counselling to clients from spirit." I would say that it does just that. It is a long book, with chapters on each aspect of shamanic work, including ethical considerations, but very interesting. What I particularly like about it is Ross Heaven's writing style. He is a very good writer, who explains everything clearly and succinctly. The book is also packed with practical exercises so that readers can practice what they are learning as well as get to grips with the theory of shamanic healing. I have to say, I haven't actually tried out the exercises, but I do feel I know a lot more about modern shamanic techniques than I did before, which is exactly what I wanted... Read more on ~ Lucya Starza (Bad Witch),

Ross Heaven
Ross Heaven Ross Heaven was a shaman, psychologist, author, therapist, TV, radio and magazine contributor, workshop facilitator, and presenter. He wrote...
Shamanic Reiki by Robert Levy, Llyn Roberts

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