Moon Song

Moon Song

Tristan died too soon, Isoldé must bring him back to finish his job … write the Moon Song.


When Isoldé hears that her lifelong hero, Celtic folk singer Tristan Talorc, has just committed suicide, it strikes home and makes the oppressive London, where she works just after “nine-eleven”, feel nearly as oppressive as the Belfast of The Troubles where she grew up.
Fate intervenes when an ex-boyfriend offers her a job with him down in Exeter in the West Country. And so begins her enchanted journey to find the lost song of Tristan Talorc, the Moon Song...


Author Elen Sentier, a natural storyteller and British shaman, weaves an enchanting contemporary tale of myth and magick with a strong thread of shamanic wisdom and a skill reminiscent of Charles de Lint. Based on the legend of Tristan and Isoldé, Moon Song is this genre at its finest and will keep you captivated throughout. Isoldé comes from Belfast and leaves Falls Road to become a journalist in London, later getting an offer to move down to the West Country. Tristan, who works with the Faer folk around his home in Cornwall before his untimely death, is mentor to Mark (King). Isoldé meets Mark … then Tristan …. and I don’t want to ruin your enjoyment with a spoiler so will leave it there. Apart from to say Moon Song is much more than a reworking of an old story but weaves a new mythology of relationships across the dimensions, walking between the worlds and working with the spirits of the land. Outstanding - highly recommended reading. ~ June Kent, Indie Shaman

Love and death – Moon Song is a beautiful, subtle and illuminating retelling of the Tristan / Isolde / Mark triangle, set in a modern Britain suffused with the power and presence of the spirits of the land. Elen Sentier writes with wit and insight about love, commitment, music and living with honesty and openness. Great cats (again) too! Earthy, funny, romantic AND realistic about relationships and full of characters one wants to know more about, people who are really being singled out and 3-dimensional. The characters discover Otherworld and their relationship with it in a very direct way which is tantalising to the reader. ~ Kevin Ashby, Amazon uk

Magic and mayhem. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As well as a beautiful story of love and loss, it captures the wildness of its West Country setting. Gently weaving myth and magic into modern life it offers the reader an escape from 'reality' and window into the other worlds. It definitely joins my library of British fantasy writers. The cover doesn't quite hint at the characters hidden within. ~ AlB, Amazon uk

a magical tale indeed - I really liked this book, and bought it because I already had 'The Owl Woman' by Elen Sentier in paperback. It is a simple story, well told, of Isolde, her new love Mark, and Tristan, Mark's mentor and friend, a musician who killed himself before his time. Together the three must follow the moonpath and bring Tristan back to complete the moon song of the title. They are aided in their quest by the faery folk, and - well, if you want to know more, you'll have to read the book! The characters are believable, even though the story is fantasy, Sentier reminds me very much of Terri Windling, putting well-formed characters into surreal situations, and the tale is told with heart. Set in Cornwall, there's magic and mystery aplenty, and it is a good story to curl up with on a chilly winter day. I am looking forward to the next novel by Ms Sentier, as she is becoming one of my 'go to' authors. ~ J. Turner , TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

This is a GREAT book! One of the best books I've ever read. Filled with magic, love, enchantment...I literally couldn't put it down! The descriptions were so artfully woven I felt as if I was right there with the characters...walking the moon path, listening to the music, solving the riddles. I can barely wait to read another book by this amazing author! Highly recommended. ~ jc, Amazon uk

5.0 out of 5 stars A juicy, sensual treat for the romance reader. 20 Feb. 2015 By Helen Format:Paperback A rich, warm-hearted romance steeped in magic and mythology, ‘Moon Song’ is a love story, an echo of the timeless romance of the traditional, twelfth-century tale of Tristan and Isuelt, itself often regarded as an inspiration for the Arthurian romance of Lancelot and Guinevere. Rich in detail, the prose is sensual, with Isolde, the main female character, dreaming in scenes of Medieval France and Persia, and walking between worlds with such mythological characters as Olwen and Rhiannon from The Mabinogion. However the situation conjured up for the characters is of a practical nature, set in modern-day Cornwall and concerned with contemporary issues. Isolde finds herself compelled to follow her Tristan to the Isle of the Dead, on the Moonpath to find the Moon Song, which he has left behind for her. She is assisted in this task by his brother, also now her new lover, Mark. The narrative reads in a flowing and easy-to-follow style; the story is effortlessly conveyed through the conversation of its main protagonists with numerous references to celtic culture and mythology. The individuals appearing fully immersed in their own magical worlds, thus persuading the reader of the authenticity of their experiences. The author effortlessly conjures up a colourful world where fantasy merges with reality, a juicy, sensual treat for the romance reader. ~ Helen, Amazon

Moon Song' is a fascinating tale full of magic, mystery, and music that enchants the reader into turning page after page. Not the usual love story, nor ever exactly what the reader expects, this book will keep you reading late into the night following that ephemeral moon path. ~ Morgan Daimler, author of Murder Between the Worlds & Where the Hawthorn Grows

Author Elen Sentier, a natural storyteller and British shaman, weaves an enchanting contemporary tale of myth and magick with a strong thread of shamanic wisdom and a skill reminiscent of Charles de Lint. Based on the legend of Tristan and Isoldé, Moon Song is this genre at its finest and will keep you captivated throughout. ~ June Kent, Editor, Indie Shaman magazine

This is a gorgeous, enchanting book with a plot to keep you engrossed. When you need to curl up with something uplifting, this story will warm and inspire you. ~ Nimue Brown, author of Hopeless, Maine...?

Elen Sentier
Elen Sentier Best-selling author of British native shamanism. Elen also writes paranormal mystery-suspense novels. She’s a wilderness woman, born on Da...

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