Natural Born Shamans - A Spiritual Toolkit for Life

Natural Born Shamans - A Spiritual Toolkit for Life

Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages

THE book for anyone passionate about helping young people create a viable spiritual toolkit for life!


Natural Born Shamans - A Spiritual Toolkit for Life covers all aspects of performing spiritual or shamanic work with children and young people. It is aimed at anyone who has an interest in young people and their spiritual journey, and covers all age groups from “in utero” until age 18+.
The book explains what shamanic parenting is and describes ways of doing spirit-led work, even with both unborn babies and spirit children (after miscarriage, abortion or early death). It also provides 30 “tried and tested” session plans for people looking for inspiration and “where to start”.


This Book is a Must Read for Any Moms and Dads Who are Open Minded to these Practices. As a new Mom who has explored and practiced earth based spirituality, I found this book to be an incredible breath of fresh air. Most groups that practice journey work or ceremonies are geared towards adults only. This book provides so many wonderful ways for Moms and Dads to include their children and other children who have parents that are open minded to these practices. I believe this book will bring out the qualities of love, kindness and confidence in children who interested in participating. Thank you Imelda Almqvist for this book. I look forward to putting your ideas into practice. ~ Connie Rounds, Amazon/NetGalley

I loved this book, both the content and the way it was written. I think it is a valuable resource for adults as well as children. It was bursting with fun and seriousness all at the same time. I think it is a very important addition to the books on shamanism that are already available as I have not come across anything quite like this before. I would have liked to have seen lots of the authors art work bursting through the pages too. I found the author intriguing and will be visiting her website and following up on lots of her references. I would love to see a crafty book in the series that gives detailed instructions and suggestions on making items for your Shaman tool kit. As the author is an artist this would be perfect. Loved the book it was definitely new and inspirational - Many Thanks ~ JC Cross, Reviewer/Educator, NetGalley

I first came to the TT group as part of my research on Celtic Shamanism for an independent project at school. I’d been fascinated by Celtic myths and culture as far as I can remember and was curious about any associated spirituality. I know Imelda’s group is about broader shamanic practices but this is how I came across the group. Within the group, we have explored divination, spirit journeying and connecting with our spirit animals. We also discuss many topical issues that concern us, either personally or wider social ones. It gives us young people (our ages are 7-15) a supportive space to share, learn and reflect. By going to the TT group, I realised I’d always had spirit animals but now I’m more focused and conscious about them. I’ve also been able to bring more specifically shamanic practices (such as drumming) into my everyday life. I feel a lot more confident and centred about my spirituality. Imelda is very patient and understanding, allowing us to really develop our own responses and we generally share them in a positive way. The games we play, that are always linked, are really enjoyable and encourage a deep level of connection to nature. ~ Ruby Van Alphen Gilburt, (aged 14)

Have you noticed how wise and sensitive your children are? In a way that may isolate them or expose them to abuse such as bullying by their peers? Imelda Almqvist, herself mother to 3 wise young people, presents us with a manual of practical magic for children: for how to encourage them to shine their their inner light and allow the flowering of their gifts while facilitating growing up safely in a world that may not (yet) appreciate these gifts. Teaching our children how to use their spiritual gifts wisely is a new training ground in our Western Society - and yet a very old one. Natural Born Shamans fills in the gap that opened up when we forgot our ancestral ways of preparing for the greatest initiation of all - Growing up. May this book travel to places near and far and serve the well-being of all children. Thank you Imelda for showing the way, I’m grateful and honoured to share the journey. ~ Judith Bogner, TV Presenter, Corporate Event Facilitator, Speaker, Actress and Shamanic Practitioner

I want to say how deeply pleased it makes me to think of such a beautiful, important, elegant and personal book being available to young people and adults. Imelda, you write with care, humour and honesty, drawing us back to key points with gentle persistence and allowing us to enjoy your experiences alongside with you. The guide for offering shamanic training for young people is so necessary and so joyous to see, and is both complete and very clear to understand. Imelda, I raise a mint-coke bomb to you and all the future ancestors whose lives will be enriched by this book. @ByNickTaylor ~ Nick Taylor

'Almqvist has written and devised a powerful shamanic tool for children (and their parents) whose lives will be blessed and beautifully touched by an exploration of her words and guidance. As a mother of young children I am extremely excited by this offering and the potential it offers to the spirit and lives of my young girls. Natural Born Shamans is a truly enchanting gift to future generations, in a time when it is sorely needed! Thankyou Imelda for sharing your path, your insight and its power, magic & soulful joy with our little ones. ~ Alice Grist, Spiritual Author (The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment / Spiritual Living) and Publisher (Soul Rocks Books)

With grace, wisdom, and deep reflections, the Mother, Shamanic Practitioner, and Soul Art Creator, Imelda Almqvist, shines her light on the most precious jewels of our universe: Our Children! Through solid theoretical foundation and vast personal and professional experiences, Imelda teaches us how to give our children what they need: A place to safely call home. Times are hard for many of our youth today, and they could greatly benefit from the language skills, practices, and the understanding Imelda offers in this illuminating work. This book is highly recommended for anyone who loves life, and who wishes to contribute to the health of individuals, communities and the Earth. ~ Sony Baron, Sony Baron MA, MA, RCC, Educator, Pscyhotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner and mother of three

This book has many gifts. More than anything else it is a practical and long awaited guide that explains the 'how to' for running child and teen groups in shamanism. It's both frank and brave, addressing not only the personal issues that kids may face in their day to day lives but it also includes big subjects with questions on life, death, world events - placing the child and their natural wisdom firmly in the centre of the work. The participants become the teachers' and they own the work! Imelda Almqvist communicates a great sense of groundedness in this field, now dispelling all reticence on this subject. I am glad and encouraged by this publication and anticipate a groundswell of many groups like The Time Travellers! ~ Jill Hunter, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

What a gift Imelda Almqvist's work is for our global community! Rarely have I met someone with such a spiritual and creative force. Imelda brings a freshness into her shamanic teaching and sacred art courses. Her Time Traveller's workshops with children are so needed and are unsurpassed in their power and healing. Imelda is a brilliant shamanic teacher with so much to offer. ~ Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

No one who has helped create a funeral for a deceased family pet doubts that children have an inherent spirituality, but it’s a restless and unpredictable force. A rabbit in the garden, clouds across the moon, prophetic dreams about grandparents… small incidents of profound wonder and startling insights, but nothing that fits easily inside formal religion. Too often, for lack of a clear context to engage with this wonder, we try to tame it, discourage it, or simply ignore it. But what if we could meet a child’s spiritual capacity where it lives and fan the flame? Imelda Almvqvist’s shamanic work with children dives straight into the heart of that place of wonder, and supports the rich experiential connections that children already have with nature’s spiritual heartbeat. This is work that can help each young being learn to trust him- or herself, and to better step into the world at large, with imagination, creativity and self-worth intact. This is the empowered, wisdom-nurturing future I wish for every child! -- ~ Renna Shesso, author of Planets for Pagans: Sacred Sites, Ancient Lore and Magical Stargazing and Math for Mystics

Imelda Almqvist is not only a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher she is a phenomenal artist and writer! Be assured when Imelda says something it has been well researched.. not only with her helping spirits but also with all available resources on Earth! I am honored to call her friend and colleague and look forward to the stunning success of this latest book. ~ Dory Cote, Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

Imelda Almqvist
Imelda Almqvist Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic teacher and painter based in London, UK. She teaches courses in shamanism and sacred art internationally. Her...
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