Pagan Portals - Gwyn ap Nudd

Pagan Portals - Gwyn ap Nudd

Wild god of Faery, Guardian of Annwfn

Gwyn: ancient guardian of the land and the Brythonic faery underworld tradition.


Gwyn, the bright god of the Brythonic underworld Annwfn and Faery king of the wild Welsh spirits, the twlwyth teg, is an ancient and mysterious figure. His tales are scattered through oral folklore and across medieval Welsh literature, a depository of our ancient god-tales. Said to dwell within the legendary glass castle in Glastonbury Tor, as well as the black mountains of Wales, he is both a figure of romance and fear. A dark lover through the winter months, leader of the wild hunt, and guardian of the dead. He is the ancient companion of bards and visionaries through the initiatory journey to the depths of the Celtic Underworld, in search of the Goddess of the land herself.

With a close look at traditional magic and lore as well as practical exercises, Gwyn ap Nudd is an essential guide for all those who seek wisdom from the darkness and wild communion with the sovereignty of the land.


Gwyn ap Nudd by Danu Forest from John Hunt publishing is part of the Pagan Portals series. It's a practical well researched history and magical meditation guide. It's written in a clear and understandable manner, well laid out in an easy to follow, logical format. Each of the chapters conclude with two or more practical exercises to increase the reader's awareness and spiritual growth. These are short practical guides which the reader can apply to his/her own life. The book begins with an introduction and background. The second - fifth chapters retell and expand on Gwyn ap Nudd in story and song down through the ages, including the Mabinogion and the wild hunt. Each of the chapters includes exercises for further exploration. The author's voice is soothing and easy to follow. A quote: Seek him in the reflections of starlight upon deep still water, and when you hear an owl screech in the night, or see the geese fly overhead on winter evenings … know that he is close. Close your eyes and feel the air on your skin, the promise of things unseen just a breath away. The author is also a poetess and it shows in her careful gentle use of language. The book is very soothing and enjoyable to read, whatever the reader's belief system and motivation in choosing to read it. The book is well researched enough to be appropriate support material for readers interested in the early pagan beliefs and oral traditions of the early British Isles as well as those interested in meditation and self exploration and internal spiritual growth. An interesting and unusual read. Four stars for the moving and lovely prose. ~ Annie Buchanan , Nonstop reader

The "Pagan Portals" series are just what you want in an introduction to a specific topic - clear, concise and chock full of useful information and exercises to put to good use. This book is no exception. The exercises are well-written and the information presented leaves the reader wanting to find out more about this rather dark deity, ~ Andrew McAuliffe-Shave, NetGalley

This addition to the Pagan Portals series of Pagan novels brings so much value to the table! Gwyn ap Nudd is a somewhat dark and intriguing God that isn't well-mentioned or researched in most books about Welsh mythology or magick. This brings together research, practice, and educated hypotheses to fill in the blank areas with precision and logic. Structured beautifully, we hear history, thoughts, direct mentions of Gwyn, as well as practice points for meditation and spiritual connection. The author's voice is thorough and somewhat repetitive in points, but carefully formatted with well-chosen words and passages to supplement. This is a great introduction with detail-oriented information for those who are wanting to learn more about Gwyn, Welsh Gods and Mythology, or Meditation pertaining to this particular subject. This was a fascinating, educational, and spiritual read that anyone can enjoy. ~ Ashley Miller, Reader Nature

I knew very little about Gwyn ap Nudd. This book is a good introduction to this specific gods and the lore, mythology and what is to be known about him. A very well researched starting point with interesting exercises. ~ Anna Maria Giacomasso, NetGalley

Interesting book on Gwyn Ap Nudd. Part of the Pagan Portals series. I liked this. I'm not a pagan so a lot of the information in the book was new and interesting to learn. It's easy to follow especially if you're unfamiliar with the fables. I'll seek out more of these titles ~ Kirsty White, For The Love Of Books

Pagan Portals: Gwyn ap Nudd is a fascinating and much needed look at this God. Balancing myth and modern practice, folklore and personal experience this short book is the perfect introduction to the Welsh leader of the Wild Hunt and King of Annwfn. A wonderful addition to any seeker's library and essential reading for anyone interested in the Welsh pantheon or fairylore. ~ Morgan Daimler, author of Fairycraft and Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

"Gwyn ap Nudd was figuratively and literally lost to the mists of time (his name means "White, son of Mist"). But now Danu Forest has brought the lore and his stories back out into the world, retrieving it from where it lay in the shadow of the Otherworld. In this book, we learn the tales of Gwyn, alongside his queen and his competitor, presented beautifully with exercises and practical advice for the seeker. Having just begun my quest to develop relationship with Gwyn ap Nudd, this book was a treasure trove of information, well-researched and brilliantly executed. Danu's skill with words and presentation of the material shines through all of her work, this book included. Her passion and work in the world is evident throughout, and inspires us on our own paths as we seek out the Old Ways, the the gods and goddesses, the songs of the land and the awen within our own hearts." - Joanna van der Hoeven, author of the best-selling The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid and The Crane Bag: A Druid's Guide to Ritual Tools and Practices. ~ Joanna van der Hoeven

Danu Forest eloquently places the shadowy figure of Gwyn on the secure foundation which he deserves – the ancient myths of Britain, Wales and Ireland – enabling him to take his place as the psychopomp (soul guide) between the worlds.  Nicholas R. Mann, author of‘The Isle of Avalon’ and 'Druid Magic'. ~ Nicholas. R. Mann

Danu Forest
Danu Forest Danu Forest is a Celtic Shaman, Witch and an ard ban Drui / Druid Priestess with over 30 years working in the Celtic Mysteries and indigenou...
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