Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft

Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft

Crafts of a Kitchen Witch

Take a glimpse at the workings of a Kitchen Witch and share in the crafts. By popular writer and kitchen witch, Tansy Firedragon.


Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea, sit back and take a glimpse into the world of Kitchen Witchcraft. This little book will give you an insight into what a Kitchen Witch is, what they do and how they do it. It gives an overview of the Sabbats, working with the Moon, the elements and candle magic. Packed full of ideas for crafting such as washes and smudges for your home and your body, witch bottles, incense, medicine bags, magic powders and offerings. Take a stroll through a Kitchen Witch's garden and discover what you will find there and finish up with some lovely meditations. Follow the heart of a Kitchen Witch...


Really enjoyed reading this. Easy and informative to read. Would recommend to any one who's curious! Thank you and Blessed Be! ~ Gaye Bigwood, Amazon

Witchcraft clearly set out for the home and kitchen ~ Linda Woodard, Amazon

fantasic book ~ JL O'Sullivan, Amazon

I love how this book is written, fab introduction to kitchen witchcraft. ~ Customer, Amazon

Lovely book. Simple to understand and fun to read, makes me see sense of confusing things I've come across in the past, would love Rachel to be my teacher and I've learnt alot from her to just go with what feels right, she's lovely and inspirational ~ Wendy, Amazon

This is an excellent book that is well written and fun. Rachal writes with excellent knowledge of the subject without taking herself too seriously. It is also nice to find a witchcraft book written byba UK writer. All too often they're American and its of Llewellyn press! ~ Pagan Hare, Amazon

If Rachel Patterson had been my teacher at school, I would have passed all my exams with A* Each subject within the book is clearly presented in a friendly and easy to understand way, but the thing I like about it most, is that she encourages you to think for yourself and to 'get out there and give it a go.' Rachel's love for her way of life jumps out of every page and her enthusiasm is infectious. ~ Strangecharm, Amazon

Fabulous book!! Must have for any witch, kitchen or otherwise. Well worth it. ~ Thriftyspender, Amazon

Loved this inspirational book. Down to Earth but sparkling with simple every day magic. Lots of great ideas to live a magical life, from kitchen witchery to garden meditation. Very accessible and well written. A handbook to keep with you, be you new to Magic or a life long member such as myself! Well done. BB )0( ~ Amanda Whittall, Amazon

I think it is great book for the beginner pagan. Lots of easy to understand information. I even ordered one for a gift. Last night with the full moon some friends and I made Witch-Bottles. Had much fun and thinking of doing it with a bigger group. ~ LMT S Oregon, Amazon

Very enlightening , quite helpful, it answered a lo of questions, I plan to use some of the guidelines , in my life , it really opened my mind , more than I thought it would , very well done ~ Georgette Madison, Kobo

love the book ~ Monika W Burman, Amazon

I'm enjoying reading this book. One of the best I 've ever read. ~ David Bailey, Amazon

Straightforward book by a kitchen witch without rehashing a lot of the same info that's out there. Worth the purchase. ~ Logical Ambriel, Amazon

This is the best, most comprehensive "Book of Shadows" I've read. I own dozens and dozens of books like this but none have helped me as much as Rachel Patterson's Books. I own all of hers. I highly recommend for all witches and pagans will thoroughly enjoy her books. ~ Bonnie B Dudasik, Amazon

A great pagan book , enjoyable read ~ Nisha, Amazon

Brilliant book, full of lots of information. ~ Willow Moon, Amazon

another great book by a wonderful author ~ A Bland, Amazon

Again, another good reference book to keep stored on the bookshelf - to return to whenever intrigued or in need. Good book. ~ Della Griffiths, Amazon

Lovely book for beginners and more established alike, as it is always good to have insight as to how others practice, down to earth and practical. ~ Lucy Reid, Amazon

"Purchased this alongside moon magic. I had not considered kitchen witch work at all but feel inspired to sort my kitchen out completely as it is old and messy. I love this author a great deal. Highly recommended." ~ Hayley, 13th August 2014

The only issue I have with this book is that I wish there were more of it :) Great writing and great recipes. ~ By Me'urramya Cederstromon, Amazon

I have loved reading this book, as a new starter to all this I found it very well written and easy to understand. I have a copy on my kindle and have just ordered a paperback copy so that I can highlight pages and different sections. Now on my second read through and it won't be my last. I have also downloaded 2 other of Rachel's books and can't wait to read these as well. Really enjoying my new journey learning about the craft! ~ Esther, Amazon

Rachel has given us something special by sharing her path with us so honestly and in such depth. it is certainly a learning experience but also feels a very personal sharing I enjoyed her humour too! ~ Wyrworm, Amazon

Another fab book by Rachel Patterson, of all the book i have this one and moon magic, are the two i use most, brilliant book if you are new to this path . thing are so easily explained, its small enough to fit in you bag too so you can take it with you where ever you go ~ Cosmic Dancer, Amazon

I am a witch and have a copy of this book. a friend asked to tell her about the craft so I gave her this book to read along with Rachel Pattersons other books. Her comments were." I really enjoyed reading this book and I found it very easy to understand. it was written in away that didn't blind me with information that I couldn't digest." ~ Angela P, Amazon

VERY informative. Has exactly what I'm looking for.I will definitely be using this book and the tips etc in it. ~ Karen Kelly, Amazon

I think this book is quite good, I have actually been looking for a similar book subconsciously I think for a while, and I'm glad I found it. I like that it is very practical, it combines spirituality, feminism and practical rituals and ideas to live and celebrate the year. I haven't read anything on other types of witchcraft (although I'm intending), but this one definitely speaks to me a lot, as I'm a home maker and I love spending time in the kitchen and the garden, my two favourite places in the house. I also want to buy the other book in the series, related to honouring the moon cycles specifically, as I'm very interested in that too ~ S Fouilly, Amazon

This is an excellent book for people who need some guidance, at the start.. It gives clear concise information, and is written in a friendly and encouraging style. Very easy to read and digest. Definitely a 'must read; for those new to the craft. ~ Helena, Amazon

I really like this book although I have only dipped into it so far. I've always loved crystals, candles, the moon, etc and I'm looking forward to doing a ritual incorporating all those beautiful things. Like Rachel's writing style, relaxed and friendly. I bought it on Kindle but I'd so much rather have the actual book. Chick Lit is great on a kindle but a proper book is so much better, and this book seems to me to be worthy of sitting on my shelf and being dipped into from day to day. ~ Mamafred, Amazon

The phrase 'Kitchen Witchcraft' conjures up brewing potions and hanging herbs, and while this of course can be the case, the experienced witch knows the kitchen can be the beating heart of their home, where the material and the mystical meld to create magic. Rachel approaches this topic with just such a theory in mind, and makes no assumptions about the level of skill or experience of the reader. It's important to bear in mind that as part of the Pagan Portals series, this book is intended as a brief introduction to Kitchen Witchcraft. Having said that, for such a slim volume, Rachel manages to pack in a great deal of info. She starts by introducing the idea behind kitchen witchcraft, and giving an overview of things that may be needed; tools, ingredients and attitude. Even for the experienced, this is a good reminder and also interesting to gain an insight into what another experienced witch has in their own cupboards, physical and otherwise. The eight big seasonal pagan festivals are discussed with particular focus on what kitchen crafts can be used to celebrate them. In here are correspondences, incenses and many more hands on ways to get your worship on. She also talks about how the differing phases of the moon can affect one's workings, and while this section is a little simplistic for those experienced in moon magic, again, it is a great point of reference and a good reminder of the roots of many more complex types of moon magic. She looks at working with energy, and how to utilise candle magic, from the very simple to the more convoluted spells that can be worked. One of my favourite sections of the book is the meditations in the final chapter. Each one is a different journey for a different purpose, and while each is written as a detailed journey, there is plenty of scope to make the journey your own. Unlike the narrative style which is direct and almost chatty, these written meditations have a wonderful dream like quality which is just perfect for getting you in the right frame of mind for approaching this type of working. Rachel's style is very accessible and conversational. Despite being almost a reference book at times, this short volume is a complete page turner as it is a real pleasure to read. It is as if she is in the room with you, talking you through the ideas that she is obviously passionate about. This is a very modern way of writing about a subject as old as the hills, and will make the subject easy to absorb even for the complete novice. Yet she manages this while making it a perfect refresher for the experienced witch, by including lists, correspondences and ideas from many paths. This could be my favourite point of the book, that Rachel does not assume that you are Wiccan, or indeed of any particular religion at all. Most of the practical tasks in the book could be completed by someone of no religious beliefs at all, as the main focus is on a connection to nature, the world, and one's self. There is no limit to who would enjoy this volume. The only downside is that it is so short, however as an introductory piece, as it is intended, it is absolutely ideal. I will definitely be getting a hold of her larger volume, Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch, to see if the style and themes are expanded upon. Highly enjoyable, and it has inspired me to get back in the kitchen- not something I say every day! ~ Mabh Savage, Amazon

My brother likes to call my mother a kitchen witch (though not to her face - she wouldn't appreciate it!), but that's largely because she instinctively reaches for herbal remedies whenever anyone is unwell. This volume will help with that, and so much more. While I didn't particularly need most of the info on the sabbats and elements, having been a practising pagan for many years now, I did find ht helpful to have the seasonal correspondences all in one place. This slim volume packs a lot of useful ideas into its short length, and I'm just in the process of implementing one now. My personal poppet won't look anything like me - I'm using one of my power animals as a model instead - but I'm hoping it will serve its purpose of giving me a helping hand with several life challenges. And this is only the first of the many projects this book has inspired ... ~ Rhianna, Amazon

Any book that I can use in my kitchen to get the mystical energies flowing is good. This is a small, handy book which contains simple ideas. ~ Heather Jane Dewhurst, Amazon

This book is part of the Moon Book collection called "Pagan Portals" On the surface you might think that this book has nothing to offer the experienced craft practitioner but I can guarantee that there will be a nugget of gold to be found by all who read it As I have come to expect of a book published by Moon Books, this book is well presented and well written, the author has a personable style and writes with familiarity over formality, a quality I enjoy in this kind of book. The reader feels as though they have popped in for a cuppa at Rachel's house and are being given a little tour of her kitchen and garden. I would recommend this book to those taking there first steps into kitchen craft as it is in my option one of the better guides available, and for others with more experience in kitchen craft I would still recommend it, especially if they own other Pagan Portals books and wanted to add to their collection. This book should live somewhere easy to reach, once you start using these techniques for a more Magickal life you will dip back into these pages again and again. ~ Arietta Moon Word Witch, Amazon

Rachel Patterson lives in a city. But she also knows that her home and garden benefit from a little care and attention, on both the material and spiritual levels. A clean kitchen is one thing; a kitchen that is in tune with the seasons and used as a place in which to celebrate the seasonal round - the systole and diastole of winter and summer - is not just clean: it is happy. Rachel's book, Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch - part of the Moon Books "Pagan Portals" series - is delightful. She writes with a great sense of fun and real love for the world around us. And the book serves as a sort of primer, a very gentle but effective introduction to the ideas and principles of contemporary paganism. Forget about magical oils made out of bats' wings - today, we use essential oils. They make our candles smell nice. What really works about this book is that it fits in so comfortably with the modern obsession with home improvement and that all important do-it-yourself ethos. Rachel acknowledges, early on, that the kitchen (or hearth) is the heart of the home. It is where our food is prepared and cooked - and often eaten. It is a personal space (most cooks like to work alone) and a convivial space, a place of conversations, hearts-to-hearts. No other room is quite like it. And, like the hearth of old, it needs to look and smell and feel special. We need, in effect, to love our kitchens - and to show that we love them. We need to personalise them: not out of a catalogue, but with our own arts and crafts. There are blessings in this book, and meditations, but nothing remotely "witchy" in the sense of diabolical (and why should there be? - who wants bad spirits running amok in their kitchen?). As with so much that is useful in the pagan world, much of it is just sound psychological common sense, comprising various activities which can put you in a better mood and improve the mood of your environment (the two go hand in hand). At the same time, Rachel Patterson provides quick rundowns of some of the basic elements of the pagan worldview - the regular festivals, the essential elements - and works these into her simple "recipes" for a happy home. Anyone who is offended by anything in Rachel's book has real problems. Only the worst kind of superstition, fostered by indoctrination, could view Kitchen Witchcraft as a menace to Creation. But then, that indoctrination is so often applied by mindsets that are addicted to suffering. Rachel Patterson, in her lovely, short, joyful book, implies that suffering might be natural, but it is not to be encouraged. The kitchen should be a place of life, not death. A few flowers, candles, stones and shells are unlikely to do any harm, and if they improve our relationships with ourselves, with our kitchens and with the world outside, then what's wrong with that? We need more of this sort of thing. ~ Simon Stirling,

Well what a darling little book. I knew I would enjoy it the minute I held it in my hands. It was light and inviting. I sat down with a coffee and a biscuit and was giggling and nodding along with Rachel, as though we were sat there having a chat. Her easy going, friendly style of writing draws you in from page one, and before you know it an hour has passed and you are galloping through the book. Though saying that you could easily pick it up for reference on a meditation, or a craft project. The book covers the basics but there are also gems to be discovered for the most experienced of practitioner. I loved the candle magic section as this is dear to my heart. But there are craft projects for a long winter's night, or a rainy will come back to this book time and time again. I would thoroughly recommend this for a read no matter where you are on your journey, and I think anyone who is interested in the craft would love to receive this as a pressie. ~ Highland Hedgewitch, Amazon

This is a lovely book to learn with it gives guidance and also humorous detail. Rachel has given her experiences and details them very well a very interesting book and great present to anyone new to the craft . ~ Kris, Amazon

I have several books on the area of Wicca/Paganism and I am so glad that I have this one for my collection. Even though I am a practicing Witch for quite a few years now I still came across some area's that were clarified for me. I guess I am the "old dog you can still teach new tricks to". This book is refreshing to read, nothing heavy. It is like sitting in a parlor by the fire having a cuppa with her and discussing a world of wonder. Rachel inspires you to think about what you actually "feel" about things and that is very important. She is very knowledgeable, and if you are interested in finding out more about Witchcraft/Kitchen Witches you will want this book in your collection as well!! I also very much enjoyed her book on Hoodoo and look forward to the next new one and the next, she is a wonderful writer. ~ Stormwolf, Amazon

I found this book very interesting and enjoyable, I will read more from this author. Thank you for writing and publishing. ~ Sharon, Amazon

A must have for any kitchen or cottage witch. Love all of easy to find ingredients and the down to earth feel of this book. Rachel Patterson has done an excellent job giving plenty of correspondence's to go by. The spells and recipes are east to adjust to what you have in your own kitchen cabinet. I Can't wait to read more from this Author! Happy reading...Viv ~ Vivienne Moss, Amazon

I feel good book. Easy to read. Good for a person just becoming interested in the whole genre of witchcraft ~ Beverly Hearn, Amazon

Very nice book , easy to read and written in a very relaxed happy informal manner. Lots of interesting information for the solitary practitioner, thoroughly enjoyed thanks ~ madmalc, Amazon

I loved this book. It contained lots of info but kept the whole approach light and easy to follow. Good for those new to the craft or just wanting something witchy to mull over. ~ Ami, Amazon


Rachel Patterson brings magic to everyday items. You will never look at your home with the same eyes: she reveals the wonder of the quotidian. Vivid visualisations take you on wonderful journeys and subtly reveal secrets deep inside you in time. A wonderful read! ~ Maria Hale, Amazon

This book is a good introduction to kitchen witchery - Patterson gives us her background and her own perspective on this path, explains terminology, gives lists of colours, herbs, spices and the like alongside their magical uses. She also includes basic safety tips and the simple information that some more high-level books don't bother to explain, like simple ways to cast a circle, a purification rite for your home, rituals and offerings that a solitary witch can do at home without a twenty-page script and a troupe of assistants! ~ Angela, Amazon

I liked the straight forward style of this book. The info was concise and easy to follow.The spells and items are easily available. ~ Allana Kondisko, Amazon

Sensible, practical ideas humorously written and with obvious deep knowledge and love. I've often wondered why I'm drawn to certain plants, herbs, colours in food at different times and this little book has given me greater understanding. Other sections are both friendly and factual. Thank you!! ~ Trish Neath, Amazon

It covered pretty much everything I needed to know as a beginner. Great suggestions and informative. I'd reccomend this to anyone wanting to get in touch with nature, the moon's energy, and the elements. Witch or not! ~ Christy Camper, Amazon

Easy to read, Rachel has a very relaxed style of writing its more like she's in the room talking to you. Ideal book for someone staring out ~ Jax, Amazon

Actually sat and read this on my kindle whilst having my hair coloured. The type of book you want to read a few times ~ MysticLiz, Amazon

I bought this book on a whim after trying to find a more friendlier simpler book, I was not disappointed.Extremely well written,the style it is written in is friendly and more like you are sat in her kitchen with a cup of tea having a chat. Very inspiring,fresh and very informative,great for if you are new to the path. I have since bought her new book Grimoire of a kitchen witch which arrived today and I am in the middle of (I will be posting a review on that after i've finished).I will definitely be buying more of her stuff I urge you to give it a go for so little money. ~ Nightphoenix, Amazon

I am new to the wiccan path and witchcraft and have laughed throughout this book and related the tips are great I will be definitely using this along with others to experiment in this great creative path ~ Codie Walker, Amazon

This book has some great ideas in it. It got me up painting my kitchen and looking for a place to put a little altar, something i'd never thought of before. My kitchen was a little neglected but not any more thanks to this book. I love it. ~ Dubgual, Amazon

This book is so easy to read and because of its nice slim size, you can do as I do and take it with you to read anywhere! It has a really friendly feel and uses nice clear language and no jargon anywhere! I tend to pop it in my bag when I know I have a longer lunch break so I can learn while I have some peace and quiet (which I dont always get at home)!! You wont be disappointed if you buy this great little book!! cant wait for her up coming new one ;-) ~ Louisa, Amazon

Great book,really enjoyed it,easy to follow and a great book for beginners to the craft and more advanced people too ~ Hayley, Amazon

Very practical and down to earth advice for earthy pagans and/or witches. How to cleanse and make spells from everyday bits and pieces, that don't cost the earth (literally!) A lovely book. ~ J Gibson, Amazon

Brilliant, easily explained kitchen witchcraft with many things that are already in our cupboards. Candle spells, herbs, magic, and soooo much more. Brilliant short read. ~ Witchy 1, Amazon

Received notice from my daughter that Rachel's book was now available. I really enjoy reading her Kitchen Witchcraft. She is a very knowledgeable person whom I respect. ~ Zylvia Review, Amazon

I really loved this book was easy to read and felt like I was sitting in a room talking to you ~ Doug, Amazon

Has a complete novice I found this book very informative , inspiring and simple to follow. Written like you are sitting down with a friend. Rachel proves that you can make use of the simplest of objects to transform your kitchen into a magical environment. I had know idea that the simplest of objects rattling around in my cupboard could be do useful for more than just baking . Now planning my first spell x ~ Babywitch, Amazon

This is a great book I love the format easy read and wonderful info. and easy to carry and read on the go very happy reader ~ Roxanne M Wall, Amazon

This is a lovely little book which I purchased as kindle edition, but I am now considering buying it as paperback as well having to fill it with many page markers. It is full of information that covers my favourite direction: Simplicity. No pomp, no finger held high, no preaching ... It is simple, accessible and easily integrated into daily life to make it more magical. I can't wait to read more by the author. ~ P M Roberts, Amazon

One of the best books that I have read. Very straight to the point. The author gets right to the point. Excellent started guide for one starting out in the craft or just courious. Can not wait for the second book to come out. ~ Sylvamoon, Amazon

New find by Rachel Patterson: Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft. I ordered it as a Kindle Edition but might even by it as a book as well. There are many recipes I would like to try and keeping track with the kindle seems more complicated then simply bookmarking the page in a proper book. The good thing is that this lady is UK based. I have made the mistake many times in the past and bought US books with ingredients that were not familiar to me. I am 80% through the book and enjoyed it, with a very down to earth approach and simple. ~ M,

This book is like a breath of fresh air. It is written in a style that is both friendly and accessible is crammed full of information. I think it is a great introduction to Kitchen Witchcraft and also a useful reference book for the more experienced. It is so affordable that I have a print copy and one for my kindle, so I can have it with me to refer to wherever I am. ~ V Walker, Amazon

If you are new to Paganism and unsure of your path then this is a very good starter book that gives a lot of information in a simple and direct way. Rachel has set out a personal, seasonal way to live a pagan lifestyle that is useful to beginners, wherever they live, that is informative without being stuffy and set out in a direct and easy to use way. All the basics are here for you to build on, with an overview of festivals, moon workings, the elements, energy work and magic. She gives recipes, spells and meditations that are simple but effective ways of getting you started and able to create your magical home and life. ~ Annie, Amazon

This book is brilliant and gives a great introduction to Kitchen Witchcraft. It's an easy read and I would definitely recommend it to others. ~ Kayleigh, Amazon

I am simply in love with this book. Rachel Patterson, kitchen witch divine, has excellently written this as an absolute essential in any modern Pagan's life. Instead of complicated spells, expensive tools and hard-to-find herbs, you will find that almost everything is already in your kitchen -- and if it's not, it's just one trip away to your local natural food store. This is a wonderful introduction to the everyday life of a witch, and for anyone who would prefer to use natural products in their home instead of chemicals. With the way she writes it, I felt as though I was sitting across the table from her, drinking a cup of tea! From kitchen essentials, cleansing rituals, information on the traditions, foods, and traditional foods and colours information of the Sabbats, plus candle magic and meditations, this book is amazing. I love how she shows the easiest way to incorporate little bits of magick from cooking to cleaning! I will be referencing this book for many moons to come, that's for sure! ~ Mary,

Kitchen Witchcraft is a lovely little introduction to this area. It covers the basics, such as cleansing a space; moon phases and energies; cycles of the year; and the elements and their correspondences. Many on pagan paths will be familiar with these ideas but since these correspondences vary and the aspects of an element which are significant in other paths may also differ it's always useful to have it included, even if some of it is already familiar, otherwise inaccurate assumptions could happen. It also means it's fully equipped as an introductory text on the subject. I saw some reviews of this book mentioning recipes and I have to confess I was rather expecting some recipes for food with magical intention. Therefore I think I should mention, to save others from the disappointment, that most of the recipes referred to are what many of us would think of as spells, or recipes for incenses or herb baths rather than recipes for meals; though that said it wouldn't take much to apply the principles and ideas contained in the book to your normal cooking to create your own magical meals. There are a generous number of these recipes, along with meditations to practice and other Kitchen Witchcraft advise. It reads easily and smoothly and leaves the reader with a fairly clear insight into the authors practices and ideas. All in all a worthwhile read, which lays out the basics of Kitchen Witchcraft clearly and offers a great range of things for the reader to get on with trying. And of course the extra bonus, that it's printed on lovely soft paper like so many of the moonbooks titles are. If you're curious about this area, then this book will answer your questions and give you enough information to go crack on with your own kitchen witchcraft. ~ Ashbeth, Amazon

For a small book it is packed full of information. Gives an idea of what a kitchen witch is all about without being so complactaed that a beginer would not understand or lose interest. One of those books I have and will, keep going back to. It does what a good book should do -leaves the reader feeling that little bit wiser and wanting to delve deeper. Thank you . ~ patrice, Amazon

I found this to be a much easier read than many other pagan books. This should be included in any library to those that are new to the Craft. She gives us a unique perspective and down to earth explanations. This book has truly been a breath of fresh air in the way she explained using energy, the Sabbats, candle magick, among many other things. I also enjoy how she showed the easiest way to incorporate little magicks in the kitchen from cooking to cleaning. Reading this gave me such a connection with the author, that I felt like we were sitting across from each other enjoying coffee or tea. I can not wait to see future releases from her. ~ sqishedfairy, Amazon

This little book does exactly what it says in the title. The author I know as 'Tansy Firedragon' having seen extensive writings & work on the Kitchen Witch School Of Natural Witchcraft, having been a part of some celebrations. Viewing the Table of Content just took my breath away it is truly packed with all the things you need to get started & the author has such writing ability it is as if she is in the room with you with sense of humor shining all around & drawing your attention to everyday things all around that can be used. You don't need to spend lots of £££. Witchy workings in the kitchen makes perfect sense & fun,by getting rid of pent up emotion while chop chop chopping. along with creating a sacred kitchen & The Crafts this little book has given me more understanding because it comes from a true professional who has creativity,passion, belief & above all the ability to communicate to all even those of us who aren't witches,but have a longing or curiosity to find out more. My disappointment was the last page................It finished : ( ~ Charmweed, Amazon

Accessible and fun to read. Great ideas and realistic tips. Beautifully written and enjoyed every word! The passion for the subject is obvious ~ Alice, Amazon

I am simply in love with this book. Rachel Patterson, a kitchen witch divine, has excellently written this as an absolute essential in any modern Pagan's life. Instead of complicated spells, expensive tools and hard-to-find herbs, you will find that almost everything is already in your kitchen -- and if it's not, it's just one trip away to your local natural food store. This is a wonderful introduction to the everyday life of a witch, and for anyone who would prefer to use natural products in their home instead of chemicals. From kitchen essentials, cleansing rituals, information on the traditions, foods, and colours of the Sabbats, plus candle magic and meditations, this book is one that I will be turning to over and over again for many days to come. ~ silverhealer21, Amazon

MS Patterson has a wee winner on her hands here! conversational writing without compromising on information, lots of ideas and such a lot of common sense. I am not a witch but loved every chapter and it is one for the book case to refer back to for ideas and very straightforward info on how to do, make and follow the kitchen witch way. every person who follows a natural magickal path should invest in this book. loved it!the author's humour and no nonsense personality shines through, leaving you feeling you have just chatted with a very knowledgable friend. ~ Colette Brown, Amazon

I am actually good friends with Rachel and work alongside her at Kitchen Witch school. But while you may think that would make me biased, I think that would make me her biggest critic. Reading the book is honestly how she would talk to you over a cup of peppermint tea and a slice of cake. The book is down to earth, uncomplicated and in all honesty a breath of fresh compared to other witchcraft books. I really wish there was something like this when I first began my journey into witchcraft. A lot of the books around then tended to preach and tell you the way it should be rather than gently guiding you and giving you ideas as Rachel does in this book. I also like the simplicity too. You don't need to rush out and buy expensive herbs (which you will probably never use) and all the sparkly tools. You can use whatever is to hand. This makes witchcraft accessible to everyone. Kitchen Witchcraft will not only teach you the foundations of the craft but will also teach you to trust your intuition because after all that's what being a witch us all about. ~ Tracey Roberts, Amazon

This book is a must have for any Witch, experienced or a newbie. I've read many books on the craft, some like this are a joy to read. It's not full of longwinded explanations for things that are really quite simple, and what I liked most of all this book encourages you to do things that feel right for you. I can only give 5 stars - but this book really is a 10/10 ~ Lesley Lightbody, Amazon

This is a lovely little book, written in a 'friendly' manner, it is packed full of suggestions and information and written in a style which is enjoyable, witty, creative and not at all prescriptive! what is so great about it is, you don't need to know anything about witchcraft to enjoy it, but you will come away knowing something, quite a lot infact - whether that be, how to make incense or how to make salt dough or a little bit about the moon! Rachel Patterson has created a handy sized little book that will easily slip into the smallest of handbags, which is also a bonus, because not everyone has a kindle or wants to 'lug' a big heavy book and bag around! ...Magic!;) ~ Pix, Amazon

I found this book very well written and very down to earth - both great things for a witchcraft book! Rachel does a fantastic job of showing you the world of a modern witch :) I think it is a fantastic introduction to what a witch does and what they can do! There are so many books out there filled with lists of herbs that are hard to get and expensive tools and this book is wonderful as it tells you what you need to know when you first start to practice - everything you need can be found in your home or on a quick visit to a local shop! The recipes, meditations and individual crafts within the book are easy to read, follow and make and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next one! ~ Phoenix Indigo, Good Reads

I have read this book and found it to be a wonderful little book full of advice, recipes and straight forward, easy to read information. I think this will be a great help to any Pagan or in fact anyone who wants to use natural things rather than a whole bunch of chemicals. Its on my pad and I am bound to look in this often! ~ Siusaidh Ceanadach , Good Reads

I've often described myself as a kitchen witch and then found people are a little confused by that, thinking a kitchen witch is a term for someone who is a good cook. Anyone who has tasted my attempts at baking should realise that I'm no MasterChef! In the Craft, a kitchen witch is actually a witch who is happy to use the everyday stuff she has around her kitchen, home and garden for spellwork, rather than requiring specially made and often expensive magical tools.I first heard the term when I was training in circlework - a long while ago - and I was delighted to be sent a copy of a new book on the subject that is due in the shops this month. The book is Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch and is by Rachel Patterson, co-founder of the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft. The book has plenty of instructions for spells and recipes - all using things you are likely to have around the house such as old bottles, candles, herbs and spices as well as seasonal garden produce. There are great ideas for ways to celebrate the pagan festivals and a delightful series of meditations to take you through all the Wheel of the Year. Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft would be a great addition to any witch's bookshelf, whether tha ~ Lucya,

Rachel Patterson's Kitchen Witchcraft is an excellent introduction to witchcraft's system of correspondences, and reminds us that the ingredients of nature's magic surround us whether we live in an Old World witch's cottage or a modern high rise. ~ Mark Carter, Author of Stalking the Goddess

‘A wonderful little book which will get anyone started on Kitchen Witchery. Informative, and easy to follow.’ ~ Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone, authors A Witches Bible, Witches Goddess and Inner Mysteries

I like this ... it's light, friendly and good fun to read. One important facet of traditional Craft is the use of the kitchen and everyday implements to create magical goodies. I like the way the author brings the reader into the kitchen and makes the whole thing inclusive like having a cosy chat over the cauldron. A great addition to the Pagan Portals series. ~ Melusine Draco, Author of numerous popular books

I am very proud to write this endorsement/preface for Rachel’s book, Kitchen Witchcraft. Rachel is very sensible and down to earth, both qualities that are rare nowadays, but which I really admire. Kitchen Witchcraft is becoming increasingly possible as people try and merge spiritual and everyday life. Rachel’s book contains plenty of great suggestions for kitchen witchery and I particularly like her emphasis on learning to love what you have, yet learning to adapt and grow too, which is an essential part of the Craft. The beauty of this book is the ease with which Rachel blends the magical with the everyday, something I consider to be the true essence of all witchcraft. Her writing is a friendly, personal account that immediately invites us to feel we are there in the kitchen with her. This is particularly helpful for those who work as solitaries. Kitchen Witchcraft contains plenty of ideas about the seasons, elements, festivals, gardens, working with candles and crystals and – best of all in my view – recipes for potions and incense etc. These will make even the newest beginner feel very ‘witchy’ indeed! ~ Tylluan Penry, Author of Seeking the Green, Magic on the Breath, Magical Properties of Plants, Staying on the Old Track and the Essential Guide to Psychic Self Defence

It’s a great little book, it’s packed with all kinds of information any Pagan would find very useful from candle magic and cleaning fluids to details of the elements. This is something you need to keep handy in your kitchen for helping you with your spells, your incense and your day to day magical life. ~ Siusaidh Ceanadach, Author of A Ceremony for Every Occasion & Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals

Rachel Patterson
Rachel Patterson Rachel is a witch, and has been for a very long time. Not the green skinned warty kind obviously... the real sort, but she is also a working...
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