Primal Awareness

Primal Awareness

Reconnecting with the Spirits of Nature

A short history of mankind's separation from nature and the world of spirit.


Focusing on the origins of Western culture and belief systems, from ancient agriculture to modern industry, from primitive religion to monotheism, Primal Awareness explains how we became separated from nature and how, throughout history, these belief systems and social models have imposed a life of servitude and hardship upon millions of people. It also illustrates how modern technology and the modern scientific world view are currently causing the destruction of our natural environment. How can we overcome this separation, and reconnect with nature and spirit once again?


5/5 Stars An unapologetic look at history and the oppression that civilizations spread as they grew, and how those things still resonate and harm us today. We must live in harmony with not only nature but each other if we are to stop harming ourselves. ~ Liliyana Shadowlyn, NetGalley

A very interesting book on the spirits of Nature, Genius Loci and archetypes. A travel that gives food for thought about reconnecting to the world around us and ancestral root of where we are living. ~ Anna Maria Giacomasso, NetGalley

This is not a superficial book - at least for me. I found that I had to stop frequently and give myself time to think about and absorb the ideas presented. It is however beautifully and thoughtfully written. It deals with humankind's separation from the essential energies and truths of the natural world around us and how we need to reconnect with those in order to bring full meaning and balance into our lives. It discusses strategies and approaches for making these essential reconnections. You will especially gain value and enjoyment from this book if you are interested in metaphysical or "new age" philosophies. ~ Janice Bell, NetGalley

At last! A truthful, frank and well researched look into how we, as a human race, were created from a dream of love and respect, to how we have become shackled by fear and corruption. It then offers us a deep understanding that we have the power to wake up from the manipulative nightmare and dream a new dream, one which connects us into our healing and brings us back to who we really are and what we as a species have come here to do! ~ Jay Oakwood, director of The Bridget Healing Centre, The Call of the Shaman Training and The Healing Drum, Glastonbury

Primal Awareness is a beautifully written treasury of insights, that uncovers history's hidden truths! A must read for anyone who wishes to reclaim their spirit and raise their consciousness to bring themselves, and this world back into balance. ~ Flavia Kate Peters, Faery Shaman and Best Selling Author

This beautifully written book explains how we as a species have progressively forgotten the importance of our relationship with Mother Earth. It will reawaken within you dormant soul memories and reestablish a fervent desire to be at One with the trees, the rocks, the water and their spirits once again. It's a book that calls you home. ~ Alphedia Arara, environmental scientist, author, channel, spiritual workshop facilitator

Rob Wildwood's fascinating spiritual odyssey around the world has finally manifested for us all to read. His special gift in communicating with the 'spirit of place' has given us a vital message in how we can re-connect with the ancient wisdom and more importantly, integrate this knowledge, so that we can create a new paradigm for the future. ~ Gary Bitcliffe, author and Dowser

Rob Wildwood
Rob Wildwood Rob Wildwood was born in a seaside town in Yorkshire, and spent much of his childhood exploring the local countryside and the myths and folk...
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