Rush Hour Shaman, The

Rush Hour Shaman, The

Shamanic Practices for Urban Living

Reconnect with the preciousness of your own soul, and the healer within through shamanic practices designed for the modern world.


The biggest cause of illness and disease in our lives today is that we have lost connection with the natural world, resisting the nurturing, healing and support that is offered to us. The Rush Hour Shaman is a "how to" book for living shamanically in our modern world. It offers a detailed protocol for reconnecting to ourselves, Mother Earth and all our Helping Spirits, and through that reconnection, find love, healing and meaning in one's life.


Author, Janet Gale, noticed that people returning to urban life after attending a rural workshop believed they couldn’t stay connected to the earth nor carry out shamanic work in an urban setting, so wrote The Rush Hour Shaman as a ‘how to’ book for living shamanically in the modern world. Chapter headings are entitled like a car journey in contemporary Canada or America with chapters on ‘Merging onto the Freeway’, ‘Packing for the Trip’ and ‘Using a High Occupancy Lane’ (one with spiritual guides in it!) but the comparisons should also be obvious to readers in the UK. The book includes a useful tool kit of exercises including: creating a sacred space; a morning meditation to set your intention for the day; a full moon and new moon ritual to reconnect to the cycles of life; meeting your spirit helpers including use of a drumming CD for journeying; dealing with doubt; plus working with some basic tools of the trade, drums and rattles. If you are setting off on a new journey into core or contemporary shamanism The Rush Hour Shaman is worth looking at as a useful ‘sat nav’ to guide you on your way. The Rush Hour Shaman was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine ~ June Kent, Indie Shaman

The Rush Hour Shaman is a gem of a book that is filled with tools to teach us how to reconnect with Nature, the helping spirits guiding us, and own inner healer. Jan Gale presents innovative ceremonies to help integrate our spiritual work into our daily lives. She is a wonderful writer, shamanic healer and teacher. This book is important for all of us who need inspiration in how to bring beauty, power, and healing into our modern-day world. ~ Sandra Ingerman, MA author of "Soul Retrieval" and "The Shaman's Toolkit"

Jan takes us on a journey to inner strength using a straightforward, innovative and well thought-out process. Her book acts like a navigation system guiding us to our highest potential. Jan shares with us ways to allow us to take time our of each busy day to focus on ourselves, and be grounded. We are given permission and directions to 'reduce our speed' and erect 'under construction' signs in order to create spiritual strength. More and more people are living in urban areas, so this timely book gives us the tools to stay connected with nature in unique ways, and look for the guidance we need to be fulfilled. ~ Maggie Schofield, Executive Director, The Calgary Downtown Association

Janet Elizabeth Gale
Janet Elizabeth Gale Janet Elizabeth Gale is a shamanic practitioner and teacher, a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki master and works with many natural healing mo...
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