Shaman Pathways - Web of Life

Shaman Pathways - Web of Life

Guidance for your life journey

A new approach to using ancient ways in these contemporary and often challenging times to weave your life path.


Every single one of us lives our lives within a wheel, a circle, a hoop or a web and every single one of us can benefit from learning how to live our lives to the full within it. The problem though, for many of us, is that because we do not belong to the culture of a medicine wheel or wheel of direction, we find that the wheels do not really fit us or we have trouble connecting with or remembering the attributes. This book provides information, guidance and exercises to help readers find ways to connect with the web of life and weave their path within it.


I learned so much reviewing this 82 page read teaching me how to connect to my own sacred process, and to see it as a spider's web. It made so much sense and it felt so freeing to know that I am the author of my own web, that I can make choices that can help me to become the person I want to be. I also found many great exercises that got me clearer about the next step in my life. The author was just breathtaking as she gently encouraged me to dream my own dreams and not rely on someone else, but also with the reassurance that we are all one. I totally got into the idea of creating my own pathway and web cards and using them to grow even more on my own path, following my own circle. I would recommend this enlightened teacher to anyone wanting guidance from the Shamanic path. Thanks Yvonne, you have helped so many. Riki Frahmann ~ Riki Frahmann , Mystic Living Today e-magazine

Using the familiar structure of a spider’s web, combined with the insight of ancient medicine wheel tradition, Yvonne Ryves teaches how best to weave your own personal web of life. This creative new approach is based upon the shamanic belief in the interconnectedness of all living things within the sacred hoop of life, and is at once easy to understand, insightful and practical. An expert Shamanic Practitioner herself, Ryves has provided a great deal of thought in producing a simple and very beautiful way of which anyone can begin to understand and learn about Medicine Wheel work. The book itself is full of insights from other cultures, guidance and encouragement, and provides everything you need to guide you on your journey. ~ Yvonne Ryves , in ‘Cygnus Review Issue 9/September 2013)

Subtitled ' A new approach to using ancient ways in these contemporary and often challenging times to weave your life path' this slim volume is another in the 'Shaman Pathways' series published by Moon Books/John Hunt publishing. While this series of books may be small in terms of page numbers, they do make up for this in the distillation of their ideas, simply expressed and clearly stated. Yvonne Ryves discusses the universal symbolism of the Wheel and the Web of life and describes how, in trying to synthesise differing cultural systems she ended up developing something uniquely her own. She shares with the reader methods of building upon elements of a traditional framework to create something that will belong uniquely to you, your own "web of life" which will be a roadmap, guide and an education on your journey through life. She shows how other cultures see the Wheel and Directions in different and sometimes conflicting ways and challenges the reader to evaluate what he or she truly believes. The images if weaving and of a spider's web are used to great effect as a basis on which to build, to move and to explore one's inner life in more detail. There are suggestions for practical work in grounding insights, by keeping a journal and making a series of cards. This is a gentle introduction for anyone who wants to know more about traditional ways of working and is just beginning to travel these paths. ~ The Librarian , The Journal of the Society of the Inner Light

I have just had the pleasure of relaxing on Sunday afternoon and reading the pdf version of your book Web of Life. It's great!! I liked what I read from the beginning when you sent me your article for Natural Connections Magazine. I didn't think I would read the 82 page pdf computer version but I did as the text was clear and anyway I couldn't wait for the print copy. CONGRATULATIONS on all your good work and your journey. I love what you have written, so clear, well explained and very user friendly. I love the idea that everyone creates their own web, records their truth and creates their own cards to have as a tool on the journey.All the time following no-ones path but their own. To do your book justice and write a few words for you I thought the only way was to walk the journey firsthand so I took my time following the exercises one by one as instructed and I have just got as far as listing my teachers. I was surprised when I though of each direction how easy it was to write a description of N,S,E and W and then SE, SW, NE and NW when my head was saying ' I haven't a clue what N,S,E, and W represents. I moved into a place of simply listening then the flow started and I kept writing. My teachers presented themselves in the same way. I wrote the initial obvious ones then out poured lots of teachers in many forms when I simply listened again. I was very happily tired after spending several hours walking the journey.I'm taking a break for a day or two to digest what I've done so far as I would like to really take my time with the next phase as my sense is it can be as deep and meaningful as I give it the time to be. Thanks again for sharing your work with the world. I look forward to seeing your book in print in the shops and purchasing my copy and recommending it to students and friends. ~ Yvonne Fitzgerald , Natural Connections Magazine

Yvonne Ryves shows you how to make your own Web of Life she offers up exercises and suggestions to help you put together your own, personal and very unique Web, based on the idea of a Medicine Wheel or the Wheel of the Year – enabling you to personalise it to suit your own needs, thoughts and pathway. Yvonne takes the reader step by step from creating sacred space, connecting with the compass directions, finding your very own teachers and ultimately weaving your own Web of Life. Very interesting and inspiring read. ~ Tansy/Rachel,

Web of Life is a new way of looking at and working with ancient knowledge which makes it immensely practical and useful for people now. Exploring the mysteries but also the great pragmatism of the medicine wheel in a number of different cultures Yvonne distils its essence and brings it alive, making it something you can create for yourself and work with to find answers to your personal questions and guidance for your life journey. ~ Ross Heaven , The Four Gates Foundation

Yvonne Ryves gives beautiful yet straightforward exercises in helping each one of us to find our place in her Web of Life. For example, with drum or rattle, the power of the directions is revealed not by what others say, but by what they say "to you," she notes, giving brief synopses of various peoples' medicine wheel teachings. A slender but informative text, Web of Life provides clearly stated tools for understanding complex issues, along with practical steps to personal discovery such as creating personal Pathway Cards and Web Cards to aid in understanding one's past, present and future. I found it delightful! ~ Jim Pathfinder Ewing, Author of Reiki Shamanism: A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing

For those living in contemporary society it is important to find our own way of making sense of our lives, our own connections to the world around us. Everything that exists is interconnected but how can you find your way to connect with it all, to hear the communication that contains messages for you? In her book Web of Life Yvonne Ryves gives a complete course of exercises designed to give a sense of direction through creating something that belongs uniquely to you. These exercises take you through creating your own sacred space, finding and connecting with teachers relevant to you and creating physical cards and methods you can use to weave your own web. Yvonne touches on the background and theories Web of Life is based on, including the medicine wheel, sacred hoop and web, and includes her own experiences as a useful comparison. However the real strength of this book is in the exercises which are ideally suited for those who are looking for practical tools to start or develop their own practice and path through life. ~ June Kent, Editor Indie Shaman Magazine

Web of Life is a tribute to the dedication, inspiration and passion of Yvonne Ryves as a highly experienced Shamanic Practitioner and life coach. Her creative new approach to Medicine Wheel work makes this traditional indigenous tool for spiritual living much more accessible to contemporary travellers on the path of spiritual and intuitive living. ~ Dr. Mike Meredith, co-founder of UK Shamanism Today and Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group

Web of Life is very insightful, enjoyable and practical. The writing is concise and to the point, with the focus on the practical work, and creating the web of life for ourselves. The book is written in a great step by step format, so you can easily work through the book. I liked that after doing each exercise, there was further information on beliefs from different cultures and other inspirational ideas in case you needed some guidance. I enjoyed the creative aspect of making your own cards to use, finding it playful yet symbolic. Overall, I would highly recommend the book, it’s beautifully written, thought provoking, and with gentle guidance directs you to discover the Web of Life for yourself. ~ Olive Kiely, Therapist, Reiki Master and Psychotherapy Student

This is a lovely practical, step by step guide on how to be the creator of your own web/wheel of life. Through following the outlined exercises in each chapter, the Author engages you in an interactive process,gently guiding,empowering and encouraging you to take ownership,in being the creator of your own pathway. Thus developing a better understanding and clearer sense of being connected to your own journey through life. I particularly like the amount of useful and relevant background information that is given in each chapter,using examples of teachings from other cultures and belief systems and the continual encouragement, to use only what resonates with you. This book gives a brilliant framework and useful tools to guide you on your journey. ~ Jayne Bolster, Reg Nurse and Reiki Master/Practitioner

For years I felt a connection to all things natural and knew instinctively this is how we are meant to be, connected to our earth and all the creatures we share it with. But, I felt lost spiritually as I had no format to explain and share my unconventional feelings and beliefs. I was stuck on a path not knowing where to go or who to guide me and not understanding what belief system I belonged to. Until I read this book ! Yvonne Ryves shares her own personal experiences and offers her simple tools to allow you to weave your own web. You can determine who your teachers are and to pinpoint what area of your life may require work, or indeed where next to explore on your path. Creating my own web of life has brought me to a place where I no longer feel Spiritually confined and now understand that there is no “One size fits all” formula. Web of Life helps you to focus on what feels right and what resonates on a personal level to reawaken that connection. Web of Life will allow us all to experience the world and our lives how we should …. Connected! ~ Lorraine Melia, Retail Training/Development and Resource Officer

Yvonne Ryves
Yvonne Ryves Yvonne Ryves is author of 'Web of Life' published by Moon Books as part of their Shaman Pathways Series and now writes a column 'Shaman Moon...
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