Starcat's Corner

Starcat's Corner

Essays on Pagan Living

Starcat offers thoughtful essays on reverently walking a spiritual nature-based path in the midst of a frenzied consumer culture.


Starcat's Corner: Essays on Pagan Living is about walking a reverence-filled spiritual path in the midst of a hectic modern society. Rather than rehashing the basics of Paganism, Shields shares wisdom rooted in her own experience. She answers the often-overlooked question, "How do you live your earth-based spirituality, day in and day out, particularly in a culture that doesn't share your values?" Shields offers insights to those who wish to enhance their personal spirituality, foster loving relationships, and live in harmony with the natural world.


A beautiful book bringing together a collection of essays that takes you through Starcat’s personal journey living the life of a pagan. A huge amount of insight and information separated into the Sabbats covering all sorts of subjects that any pagan might deal with on a day to day basis. Thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking and informative read for anyone new to paganism and also for those more experienced. ~ Rachel Patterson, Kitchen Witch

Starcat’s writings are friendly and approachable. In a refreshing manner, she brings to light some of the very concepts most of us live and teach. You’ll find yourself returning to this book again and again… it will soon become an old friend. ~ Lorelei Greenwood, author of From Hallow to Harvest

Starcat's Corner details the Pagan experience of living daily in the presence of Divinity. Like a conversation across the kitchen table, this book is intimate and delicious with both useful ideas and the sweetness of hope. ~ Angela Magara, priestess, teacher, and author of Earth Psalms

Starcat's Corner is a lovely place, where nature is a wonder to be explored, every person has the opportunity to learn and grow, and there's usually a book or a kitty to curl up with when you need a break. I hope you'll enjoy spending some time there! ~ Jane Raeburn, author of Celtic Wicca: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century

N. Starcat Shields
N. Starcat Shields N. Starcat Shields has been actively exploring her spiritual path for more than 20 years. Her studies began with the works of Jane Roberts (...
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