Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism

A Beginner's Map Charting an Ancient Path

A light-hearted and informative handbook introducing an ancient spiritual practice to today's young adults and beginning seekers.


Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism is a light-hearted and informative handbook introducing an ancient spiritual practice to today's young adults and beginning seekers. Modern shaman and author S. Kelley Harrell, gives insight into growing from an intuitive youth into a mature facilitator of healing for others, covering the history and roles of the shaman, and their relevance in our shifting times. Complete with instructions on ecstatic journeying, this guide also presents how to incorporate shamanic insights into daily life, and how to talk with others about the modern shamanic path.


Author S. Kelley Harrell does a very good job of laying out the basic concepts of Shamanism. Her first task is to explain cosmology, the framework that a shaman uses in order to navigate the worlds of spirit. As a basic overview , this is an excellent book. The author lays out the concepts in a series of chapters that each end with questions and exercises for the reader, if the book is followed in order someone could become familiar with a number of techniques. If I was to rate this as a standard 101 guide, I'd give it a solid 4/5 broomsticks. ~ Terence P. Ward, witches & pagans

"Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism" is a good book on the subject for adults as well as teens. This is clear and useful instruction for any would-be sky-walker who wants to expand his or her worlds." ~ Peggy Payne, Author of "Cobalt Blue"

I can think of no better book for a young person to read to inform themselves of the essentials, acquire techniques that will fill the yearning, and begin on their journey. ""Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism" is highly recommended, not just for teens and young people, but for anyone beginning to explore shamanism. ~ June Kent, Indie Shaman Magazine

This book is responding to the simple fact that children are already in the Middle World. They're already having experiences, and into their teens and as young adults, they're looking for answers for how to do something with it, in how to train it, how to discipline it.This book is genius. ~ Christina Pratt, Why Shamanism Now

This guide is not fluffy. Harrell’s book is accessible, unassuming, and to-the-point without feeling like you’re being talked down to—perfect for my inner teen. ~ Luna Luna Magazine, http://lunalunamag.com/2014/07/29/review-teen-shamanism-harrell/

"Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism" is a welcome book on the fascinating topic of shamanism. Called a guide quite accurately, this book takes the reader by the hand from the first page onward, on a journey into shamanism. The voice of S. Kelley Harrell is crystal clear and engaging, particularly for teen readers. Reading this informative book, you can relax and feel comfortable in the hands of a confident and knowledgeable guide. One of the components of this book that I really appreciated and believe will be important to youth, is that there is the opportunity to process and reflect on the information provided. This reflection time comes in the form of thought-provoking questions posed to the reader, to summarize each chapter. My only wish is that this book existed when I was a teenager on my own journey into shamanism. I highly recommend this book for teens, though it is useful to all of those embarking on this spiritual path. ~ Stephanie Rose Bird, Author of

It is often difficult to find something useful that teens would love, but look no further, this is a great gift for the teen in your life. Beyond being a good read and a riveting topic, it's a well written book that will at least open a window into the fascinating world of shamanism - nothing too 'out there' but many ideas to think about presented in a non-threatening way. Exploring concepts such as totems, spirit guides and shamanic journeys, it is a book I truly wish was published a few decades back - when I was a teenager. If you've enjoyed The Teachings of Don Juan and the rest of the series, you'll probably enjoy reading this book yourself, as the truths in it are instantly recognisable, no matter what your age is. This will be the birthday or special occasion gift for all the teens in my family this year! ~ Daniela Norris, Author of

I just loved reviewing this 139 page gentle teacher. The author was amazing as she took me on well detailed journeys and great explanations that let me know I am not alone, and I am on the right track. While it is true I am no where near teenage, I was still able to learn so much, and I would recommend this blessed healer to anyone wanting a safe way to move forward in their spiritual growth and development. This one has easily made it into my spiritual toolbox. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with the rest of us. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism is a brilliant book! Kelley Harrell provides you with a wealth of tools to assist you in cultivating your own shamanic path. This is an important book to help readers create a life filled with depth and meaning. Great guide! ~ Sandra Ingerman MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner Guide.

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism" is fuel for both the head and the heart, offering young spiritual seekers grounded advice and experiential practices for exploring the path of modern shamanism. Hillary S. Webb, PhD, author of Exploring Shamanism, Traveling Between the Worlds: Conversations with Contemporary Shamans, and Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World: Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru ~ , Foreword

Long before the repression of shamanic vestiges in the witchcraft persecutions, the Western world lost its shamanic roots and the vital traditions that guided neophytes into this incredible world of the powers of nature. Without guidance for generations, our spiritual potentials have languished or worse, fallen prey to false gods and addictions. Yet the inherent potentials of shamanism still lie within us, and for those particularly gifted or called, these potentials still blossom as they have with Kelley Harrell. Her book presents her discoveries of how to approach our ancient potentials and provides guidance for those who find the shamanic path opening for them. While the neophyte shaman often walks a solitary path into the world of the spirits, the protection of the wisdom of our elders has always been essential guidance. Knowledge and experience from the wounded healers of the past can help those who walk the path today. Kelley’s book provides guidance and wisdom to help structure the modern encounter with these ancient spiritual healing principles. ~ Dr. Michael Winkelman, M.P.H., Ph.D. Author of Shamanism A Biopsychosocial Paradigm of Consciousness and Healing

S. Kelley Harrell
S. Kelley Harrell Kelley is a modern shaman and author in North Carolina. A lifelong intuitive, she has been on a shamanic path since 1988, and since 2000 has...

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