Traditional Witchcraft for Fields and Hedgerows

Traditional Witchcraft for Fields and Hedgerows

Let's walk through the fields and along the hedgerow together and discover Nature as she moves through the year


For a traditional witch, FieldCraft differs quite considerably from WoodCraft because whereas the woods have been part of our landscape since the beginning of time, fields and hedgerows are a relatively recent innovation. The witchcraft of FieldCraft is of a much more domestic and homely variety, not moving far from hearth or cattle byre.



It is a fascinating and insightful book on the folklore of plants, weather lore, treelore, & nice recipes that are easy to follow. With nice gentle introductions into each of the seasons, it is a good book to give to newcomers & children allike who will be fascinated by the contents. ~ , Deosil Dance Magazine

The third book in this series approaches the subject from the premise that whether we live in the city or the countryside nature is all around us. According to the author, it is the natural world that can teach us how to be a witch and release the knowledge of the Old Ways ... Overall this series is recommended as a safe introduction for absolute beginners looking for their firest connect with a traditional type of witchcraft through the medium of folklore and naturalism. ~ Michael Howard, The Cauldron

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Melusine Draco
Melusine Draco Mélusine Draco originally trained in the magical arts of traditional British Old Craft with Bob and Mériém Clay-Egerton. She has been a m...

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