Travelling the Fairy Path

Travelling the Fairy Path

Experiencing the myth, magic, and mysticism of Fairy Witchcraft.


An in-depth and experiential look from the inside at practicing Fairy Witchcraft.

This unique form of spirituality is one that melds the traditions of the Fairy Faith with neopagan witchcraft, creating something that is new yet rooted in the old. In this third book in the series the reader is invited to travel down the path to Fairy with the author and see how their journey has unfolded over the last twenty-five years, weaving together practical experience and academic study. Looking at this form of witchcraft with an eye that is both serious and humorous Travelling the Fairy Path offers insight and suggestions for practices shaped from the source material and lived in daily life to help as the reader moves from beginner to experienced practitioner.


What Morgan Daimler doesn't know about the world of fairy isn't worth knowing. In my humble opinion she is 'the' fairy spokesperson. This book does not disappoint. With a combination of personal experience (which is vast), myths and cold hard facts and very sensible advice, Morgan has put together what is quite possibly the best fairy handbook ever written. Get a copy now, or even two. ~ Rachel Patterson, author of Pagan Portals The Cailleach and Witchcraft into the Wilds

Morgan Daimler's Travelling the Fairy Path is a wealth of knowledge, not only on the rich history and folklore of fairy but how we can practice this path in a modern world. Daimler offers the reader an invaluable roadmap to walking this spiritual path born from years of personal practice and experience. Where this book shines is in the practical real world tools it offers to those interacting with the Otherworlds and its inhabitants. Much of what is in these pages can be applied to all aspects of magical practice. Having had the honor of sharing rituals space and adventures in Ireland with Morgan I can tell you there is no one better to be your guide on your journey. ~ Stephanie Woodfield, author of Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess and Dark Goddess Craft

If you really want to know the truth about fairies, Morgan Daimler’s books are the ones to turn to. She is renowned for her impeccable research as well as having years of genuine experience travelling the fairy path, which is exactly the subject of her latest book. While Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk demonstrated her historic and folkloric knowledge and Fairycraft: Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft offered a practical way of combining traditional fairy lore with modern witchcraft, Traveling the Fairy Path offers the insights from a life of interacting with the Good Neighbours, including personal breakthroughs, mistakes and gnosis. Having had some encounters with the Fair Folk myself, this book absolutely resonated with me. Read it and heed Morgan’s advice, if you yourself feel drawn to the fairy road. ~ Lucya Starza is the author of Pagan Portals – Candle Magic and Pagan Portals – Poppets and Magical Dolls and writer at A Bad Witch’s Blog

Morgan's book is a bit of a departure from others in her series dealing with Fairy Witchcraft, in that this work is more personal, and written in a slightly different style, presenting the material in a more conversational manner. It's hugely informative, as are all of her books, and touches upon issues that are rarely mentioned in other books in the Neopagan world. Discussing the difference between spirits and fairies, how to work with verified or unverified personal gnosis, looking at the lore from the perspective of poetry and music as well as practical information on glamour, shape shifting and more, this book is a great addition and complement to her other works. There is even an entire compendium of ogham knowledge in the appendices, which is extremely useful. I always look forward to more works from this author, and highly recommend her to everyone in the Pagan community, as well as those interested in all things Celtic. ~ Joanna van der Hoeven, author of the best-selling The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid and The Hedge Druid's Craft

Morgan Daimler
Morgan Daimler Morgan Daimler is a witch who has been a polytheist since the early ’90′s. Following a path inspired by the Irish Fairy Faith blended wi...
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