Walking An Ancient Path

Walking An Ancient Path

Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth


Choose to live not to destroy....

Is feminine consciousness the missing piece of the spiritual, cultural and political puzzle that can address the human conditions of suffering that plagues the planet?

The Sacred Feminine, has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia. But we are starting to remember her roots and origins. Writing from the heart, Tate's enthusiasm, passion for justice and vision of love and enlightenment is personified in the concept of the Divine Feminine. In Walking An Ancient Path, the author Karen Tate takes us on a timeless journey to sacred places and invites us to re-enact the sacred rites and to learn the power of prayer and inspiration, while challenging us to understand and retrieve the values of a society that honors the feminine face of divinity - inclusion, equality, reciprocity and interdependence. Thus she aids readers, both new and familiar with Goddess, to reawaken this knowledge, to experience once again the nurturing arms of the Mother, and perhaps, help humankind save itself.

Independent scholar, minister, prolific writer, speaker and tour organizer, Karen Tate has traveled across five continents seeking out the feminine face of god. For more information go to www.karentate.com


....Writing from the heart, Tate's enthusiasm, passion for justice, and vision of love and enlightenment is personified in the concept of the Sacred Feminine. Thus she aids readers both new and familiar with Goddess to reawaken this knowledge, to experience once again the nurturing arms of the Mother, and perhaps help humankind to save itself. From Linda Iles: I've had the honor of knowing Karen Tate for several years. The first time we met was at Isis Oasis, in the dining pavilion while attending the Fellowship of Isis Convocation in 1997. Since that time, I've watched Karen's work grow in both depth and scope within the Goddess community. She maintains a high level of professionalism and is impeccable in all she does - in other words she only gives to her Goddess work the best effort possible. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Karen's lectures please go - you will be in for a real treat. Academics have said of her lectures that if anyone could mainstream awareness of the Goddess it would be those of the calibre she produces. Her books, like her lectures, are written with detailed references, the result of painstaking research. Karen draws not only on the more usual types of references, but from a wide circle of resources in related fields, which has gained her recognition amongst scholars. You will read her books and refer to them again and again. She is a valuable asset to the Goddess community. ~ Caroline Wise and Linda Isles, Mirror of Isis

A must-read for those who want to understand why we are where we are and how we can go about making things better for everyone. (Editor's choice) ~ Chris Erasmus, Odyssey

This is a fascinating and enlightening book for both men and women who want to explore the sacred feminine within their own lives and for spiritual travelers who are seeking historical sites devoted to Goddess Spirituality. Tate becomes your guide on a spiritual journey that will help you find traditional and contemporary ways to celebrate the divine. 

~ Corinna Underwood, New Age Journal

Walking an Ancient Path takes us on a spiritual journey by one of the foremost pathfinders of the Goddess movement. ~ Rosemary Clark, Author of The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt

I warmly recommend Walking An Ancient Path by Karen Tate, to all who seek to experience the Feminine Divine. For 3,000 years the Male Archetype has prevailed. Now that our earth is in danger from male-dominated mechanistic science, the time has come for Goddess Priestesses like the Rev. Karen Tate to help restore the feminine balance of Life and Love. ~ Olivia Robertson,, Archpriestess, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis

Walking an Ancient Path is a breakthrough in goddess-oriented books. This book is truly a milestone in bridging the gap between mainstream beliefs and the reawakening of the Goddess that has always been known to those who practice Goddess religion. Take this book on your next trip to ancient sites, and practice the rituals and prayers within at home, abroad, and in your heart. ~ Rev Denise Dumars, MA, Author of Be Blessed: Daily Devotions

Karen has created a wonderful book that blends travelogue, personal reflections and shared rituals in a way accessible to anyone. For those spiritual travelers looking for new and old ways of experiencing the Divine Feminine, Karen's book is the perfect resource. ~ Tina Carey, Author of God's Mesengers for Today's Women

Prolific author and tour guide, Karen Tate is an unequivocal expert of Goddess sites worldwide, not only as a scholar, but as a passionate traveler who actually visits the sacred locations she researches. Tate's insights into the Sacred Feminine span a lifetime of committed inquiry and a true passion for her life's work. Reverend Karen Tate is one of the most respected voices in the newly re-emerging field of Goddess Studies. ~ Brad Olsen, Publisher, CCC Publishing & Author of Sacred Places Series

Karen Tate's writing comes from the heart, reflecting her enthusiasm and passion. She offers a vision of love and enlightenment, as well as of freedom and justice, personified in the concept of the Great Mother Goddess. This is not just another book on women's spirituality - it is a fascinating read, as the author weaves in beautifully her rich experiences from her travels around the world. ~ Harita Menee, Scholar of Classical and Women's Studies Author of The Women's Olympics and the Great Goddess www.hmeenee.com

We need this book! We all have the philosophies of divine wisdom within us. Karen helps us know how to bring them out in modern ways of spiritual practice. ~ Joan Norton, Author of The Mary Magdalen Within

Throughout the world, people of all faiths are awakening to an interest in the feminine face of the divine, leading to a great hunger for information about goddesses. In Walking An Ancient Path, world traveler and independent scholar Karen Tate provides a rich feast to satisfy that hunger, taking the reader from mysteries of the ancient world to contemporary rituals to re-connect with the divine feminine. This book will appeal to women and men from many different religious traditions; it provides guidelines for re-introducing an important balance into our relationship to the sacred. ~ Sabina Magliocco, Professor of Anthropology California State University - Northridge

Walking an Ancient Path is a much-needed, recommended resource into a sorely neglected and often misunderstood area of study today - the crucial need for a balance between the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Utilizing historical sources as well as practical information for modern times, Tate masterfully presents a fascinating look into the growing area of the spirituality of the Sacred Feminine. From the ancient landscape and sacred sites to meditation, prayer and ritual today....Tate shares her journey with clarity, honesty, and aplomb. Be inspired! ~ Dr Karen Ralls, Historian and Author of The Knights Templar Encyclopedia, The Quest for the Celtic Key, and The Templars and the Grail

The integrity, heart and wisdom of the Priestess of the Goddess we know as (Rev.) Karen Tate is once again brilliantly evident in her writing. Having been through the fires herself, and emerged on the other side whole, calm, peaceful and strong, she speaks from actual direct experience and body knowing, making her work immediate, helpful and inspiring. Tate is a foundational rock in the modern day Goddess Spirituality Community, remembering the ancient knowledge and bringing it back to us all. Thank you, Karen. ~ Rev. Ava Park, Founder and Director, The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County, California a church for women of all faiths honoring the Goddess

At last, a book about The Goddess for those of us who happily dwell in the twenty first century! Walking An Ancient Path by Karen Tate is aimed toward men and women of all faiths. This is not your grandmother’s book about Goddess worship. This is a thoroughly modern and practical look at the different aspects of goddess worship and how it can be integrated into the modern world. Karen Tate has researched her subject with unerring diligence and brought it to us with razor sharp clarity. Tate shares her vision with humility and respect for her readers, but she doesn’t pull any punches. Walking An Ancient Path could bring about a major change in our understanding of the Goddess. Karen Tate’s book is a must have for those who seek The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names. This book deserves an important place on the bookshelves of anyone with a curiosity about the world’s oldest religion. Mrs. Tate deserves our respect and admiration for this truly stunning effort. Bravo!!! ~ Dharma Windham, Author of Reluctant Goddess: Kleopatra and The Stolen Throne

In an age when women are seeking definitive evidence of their feminine lineage, author Karen Tate’s Walking an Ancient Path is a guide to a wealth of thought, ideas, and experiences . . .more than that, it is a living template of one woman’s spiritual journey in a modern, urban world. ~ Xia, Director Temple of the Goddess Los Angeles, California

What a wonderful journey! Reading about Karen's long walk on this ancient path is inspiring to all. Her knowledge of ancient civilizations and her accessible writing style make this journey a treat for the intellect and the soul. A path that indeed calls to us in these times. ~ Dr. Anne Key, Priestess Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet

Karen Tate is fueled with passion for the return of the Goddess on this planet. She is one of the most active priestesses in the Temple of Isis, a recognized church devoted to the divine feminine, is privileged to have. Karen has been gifted by the Goddess to make this rising concept understandable and fascinating for a wide range of readers. Her amazing energy bursts forth from each page in ways that will ignite interest in this important movement that may be the precise revelation to save our Mother, the Earth. May the Goddess bless her for all the offerings she creates. ~ Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne, Author of The Goddess Bade Me Do It Director of Isis Oasis Sanctuary, Geyserville, CA

Karen Tate’s work is a literal cornucopia of Goddess material accessible to anyone seeking to learn more about the Divine Feminine and Her relevance to 21st century spirituality. This is not just a book about facts and rituals, but relationships and applications—devoted to inspiring others to follow the Goddess path. ~ Dr. James D. Rietveld, Professor of Religion, Archaeology and Antiquities

With stories, ritual, sacred journeys and her own life experiences, Karen Tate shows the way to a more balanced partnership world. Her engaging voice entices and encourages all seekers of the Divine Feminine to walk HER Ancient Path. ~ Lydia Ruyle, Artist/Scholar/Author \"Goddess Icons Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine\"

Karen Tate has created another intriguing look at Goddess cultures throughout the world. Combining her experiences during her extensive travels with practical information on deepening the reader's own connection with the Divine Feminine, this book is a wonderful new resource for anyone interested in the renaissance of Goddess spirituality. ~ deTraci Regula, Author, \"The Mysteries of Isis\"

Walking an Ancient Path is an enchanting spiritual journey into the realm of the Divine Feminine. It inspires and informs and is a welcome contribution to the growing field of Goddess Studies. ~ Rev. Selena Fox, Author, Priestess, Religious Freedom Activist & Environmentalist Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary

Karen Tate bridges the gap between theory and practice by offering the reader an experiential case study that is both reflective and reflexive in style and content. "Walking an Ancient Path" is an innovative new work by Karen Tate that belongs in the library of every neo-feminist scholar. Through her unique perspective as a Neo-Pagan practioner, Karen Tate presents a personal testimonial that conveys the significance of the Goddess in contemporary times. By sharing her personal journey into the realm of the Divine Feminine, Karen Tate provides her audience with a sensory narrative that is sure to intrigue, inspire, and elucidate a deeper understanding of the Goddess Presence in everyday life. ~ Jaynie Aydin, PhD, World Arts and Cultures University of California, Los Angeles

Walking an Ancient Path by Reverend Karen Tate is another important step in understanding what the now almost fifty year old Women's Spirituality movement is all about. It is not a "New Age" phenomenon, it is not about maligning men and their history, it is not a trend, but it is about celebrating the idea that women have their "own" ancient human and spiritual story; and that we are not accidental humans or an afterthought of God. Karen, as with her book 108 Sacred Places of Goddess, is right on point about how to place the Divine Feminine, integral to the life of ancient societies, into contemporary context. I know Karen as Reverend, Scholar and Friend and I highly recommend this book to seekers, researchers, academics and related professionals. ~ Jayne DeMente, MA WSE, Founder & Director Women's Heritage Project/ Magdalene Boutique & Cultural Arts Center

...It is a mixture of personal experience, teachings and ideas; and most people, whether new to the Goddess, or experienced in the ways Karen Tate writes about, will find something of interest here. She writes from the experience of living Goddess within her life and manifesting Her to the outside world, and as such this book has something valuable and important to say to us all. ~ Goddess Alive

The author's mission is to bring the concept of the sacred feminine into mainstream understanding. The book is well researched and is structured around the influence of the four elements, with occassional small black and white photos. The author's experiences as a sacred tour organiser and as a minister in The Temple of Isis serve to enrich the more scholarly details of goddess worship. She shows how to incorporate the divine feminine attributes of inclusion, equality, reciprocity and interdependence into everyday 21st century life, whilst preserving and adapting ancient rites and rituals. There is a useful glossary, reading list and resources section…( ~ Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate
Rev. Dr. Karen Tate For almost three decades, Karen's work has been fueled by her intense interest and passion for travel, comparative religions, ancient cultur...
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