Way of the Druid

Way of the Druid

The Renaissance of a Celtic Religion and its Relevance for Today


It's not surprising that the Druid Way is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. It's one we, in the West, all used to follow. Thrown into turmoil by the Roman Empire and then squashed by monotheism, it has nevertheless always survived in some form. But it is poorly understood and often dismissed, rarely treated seriously in religious discourse. Graeme K. Talboys offers an intelligent and well-researched exposition of the origins, history, metaphysic, doctrine and practice of modern Druids. A thorough exploration of Celtic history and beliefs is followed by an analysis of their view and its modern relevance. Massively comprehensive but very accessible, all students of religion and serious seekers will find this the definitive guide to what Druid means and how to be one today.


I very much enjoyed this book. It has many ideas that can be included in personal practices that are not necessarily Druid. The teachings part of the book is so general that as an Irish traditional polytheist I see no problem in incorporating it into my own practice. The book is balanced and very well organized and there is something in there for everyone, and you really don’t have to be a druid to read it. ~ Celtic Scholar Blog, https://celticscholar.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/way-of-the-druid-by-graeme-k-talboys/

More than an introduction, it explains the history of the Celts and Celtic culture, the origin of Druidry, the Celtic metaphysic along with other teachings on cosmology, trees and ritual. It is significant that Druidry is such a fast growing pagan religion since it seems to respond to the contemporary need for a reconnection with nature and the deeper aspects of life. hence the appeal of the Celtic metaphysic that is based on holistic, cyclical, organicist and sacred principles. An accessible and readable book. ~ , Scientific and Medical Network Review

This is a well structured and a thoughtful piece of work, written by someone who is sensitive to the material and the context. ~ Druid Network

Well researched, offering a concise exploration of Celtic history. I recommend this book to anyone exploring their spirituality as it offers thought provoking concepts that are timeless enough to be entirely modern. ~ , Light

Graeme Talboys is to be congratulated on the writing of such an effortlessly readable yet intellectually satisfying account of the history, nature and practice of the modern Druidic tradition. This book is written for Druids and non-Druids alike and both will learn from it. The book begins with a succinct but useful history of the Celts and then proceeds through philosophy, cosmology, ritual and practice. One of the most difficult aspects in writing a book of this type is getting the structure right - taking the reader through the various aspects of Druidy in such a way that they receive the right information in the right quantity and in the right order; this is the book's strength. The writing at times seems to suggest a preference for solitary practice over the institutional. His section on modern organisations could have offered the reader more information on contemporary orders. It was interesting to note that the Bibliography contains no books by either Philip Carr Gomm or Emma Restall Orr, both leading figures in major contemporary Druid communities. The Way of The Druid is an excellent addition to contemporary writing on modern Druidry and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about its beliefs rituals and practice. ~ Trevor Greenfield, Amazon Reviewer

Recommended reading in the Sisterhood of Avalon's Druidism category. ~ The Sisterhood of Avalon, http://www.sisterhoodofavalon.org/5-reference-materials.htm

Graeme finds the words that so many of us have difficulty in finding. It's written for those who would learn more of Druidry, I think that anyone on the Druid path would also gain a great deal from reading this book. ~ Pauline Kennedy Allan, Joint co-ordinator of Caer Clud and organiser of DruidCon.

Enjoyable and revelatory...goes into closely argued debate on the nature of belief, religion and the Celtic metaphysic. Should be on library shelves-public and academic-and on the personal shelves of all those who already call themselves Druid. ~ Liz Murray, Liaison officer, Council of British Druid Orders

Graeme Talboys
Graeme Talboys Graeme K Talboys is the author of a number of books. He lives in Scotland.

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