Shaman Pathways - What is Shamanism?

Shaman Pathways - What is Shamanism?

A Moon Books community book which features contributions from leading Shaman authors, each tasked with the discussion of different central themes within Shamanism today.


What is Shamanism? is the product of a collaboration between eleven leading Shaman authors and practitioners each tasked with the discussion of a particular central aspect or theme. The result serves as both an excellent introduction to anyone coming to Shamanism for the first time and a stimulating read for the more experienced Shaman interested in engaging with contemporary thinking and debate.

Edited by Trevor Greenfield, What is Shamanism? features essays from Dorothy Abrams, Elen Sentier, Hearth Moon Rising, Imelda Almqvist, Julie Dollman, Janet Gale, Jez Hughes, Kenn Day, Laura Perry, S. Kelley Harrell and Taz Thornton.


A wide-ranging collection of essays that will be of interest to core shamans and others who want an overview of this new psychological approach to healing which, as some of the authors note, has made a huge impact on the western imagination in just the last 30 years or so of its existence. ~ Ross Heaven, author of Medicine for the Soul and Hummingbird's Journey to God

Shamanism has often been seen as a complicated practise. This council of experts in the shamanic field point the reader towards a clear understanding of this beloved earth centred tradition, whilst sharing their wisdom, experiences and wealth of knowledge. A must-read for anyone who is serious about enriching their lives on many levels. ~ Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer

Eleven authentic, insightful essays by established authors and practitioners in the field which discuss a variety of the questions and issues that are frequently raised about shamanism and animism. Another useful, delightful book from Moon Books ‘Shaman Pathways’ series, What is Shamanism is a compact treasure trove of material providing an excellent source of information and much food for thought for both practitioners and readers new to shamanism. ~ June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman

The collection of articles in What Is Shamanism? come from a variety of contributors with different experiences, backgrounds and opinions. It is an interesting read with a tease for further exploration about the books they've written. ~ Katherine Wood, MA,  co-author of The Hidden Worlds

Trevor Greenfield
Trevor Greenfield Trevor is Editorial Manager, and is also publisher for the Moon Books imprint. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature...
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