Where the Hawthorn Grows

Where the Hawthorn Grows

an American Druid's reflections

A unique look at the beliefs and practices of American Druidism through the eyes of an Irish reconstructionist Druid.


Where the Hawthorn Grows is a reflection on being an Irish reconstructionist Druid in America. It looks at who the Druids were and different aspects of Celtic folk belief from a reconstructionist viewpoint as well as discussing daily practice and practical modern applications.


Morgan Daimler follows a hybrid heathen path that combines Irish paganism with Norse-Germanic spirituality, in practice this means invoking the Celtic gods and goddesses at the four Gaelic fire festivals and Northern European deities like Odin and Freya at the solar solstices and equinoxes. Daimler provides her reader with information on the Irish deities and the seasonal festivals of the ritual Wheel of the Year as well as advice on how to celebrate them. ~ BM Cauldron, BM Cauldron

This is a personal journey through reconstruction Druidism drawing on ancient stories, beliefs and the heart and soul of druidry. Jam packed with interesting and unusual information and some interesting customs that I hadn't heard of before. It has a very interesting section on healing deities along with fascinating chapters on spirits of the land, ancestors, detailed celebrations, life passages (which you don't often see in books) and a section on folk magic, one on Seidr work, community and sacred tattooing which I was pleasantly surprised to find too. Whether you are a druid, witch, pagan or otherwise this is definitely an interesting book to have and one that I am sure you will read from cover to cover and re-read, I know I will! ~ Rachel Patterson, Kitchen Witch, www.rachelspaganbookblog.blogspot.co.uk

Where the Hawthorn Grows contains a well-researched, carefull thought out series of essaysand former blog posts. Morgan Daimler's writing is clear and substantial. A good read for anyone considering aspects of Druidry from a reconstructionist's point of view. ~ Patricia M. Lafayllve, author "Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess"

Where the Hawthorn Grows is the perfect guide to those searching for a meaningful spirituality rooted in the ancient traditions of the Celts. Morgan has provided readers with a wealth of knowledge, tempered with practical advice for a modern age. Her love and respect for Celtic lore and tradition is apparent in everything she writes. ~ Stephanie Woodfield, author "Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess"

In 'Where the Hawthorn Grows: An American Druid’s Reflections,' Morgan Daimler presents a view of modern Druidism that is comfortingly foundational while not hesitating to explore new perspectives. Beginning with a discussion of her own relationship to Druidism, Daimler considers reconstructionist motivations, exploring what it means to be—or seek to be—a modern Druid. Her work is thoroughly sourced, and she carefully differentiates academic views from those based on her own study and experience. Topics visited along the way include spiritual ethics, ritual and daily practices, ancestor veneration, folkways, interaction with the Gods, and Druidic magic. Read this book if you want a rich, thoughtful introduction to the Druid’s world: Daimler makes every step of the journey interesting and deeply worthwhile. ~ Susan Pesznecker, author of "Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink" and "The Magickal Retreat."

Morgan Daimler
Morgan Daimler Morgan Daimler is a witch who has been a polytheist since the early ’90′s. Following a path inspired by the Irish Fairy Faith blended wi...
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