Wild Earth, Wild Soul

Wild Earth, Wild Soul

A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture

Imagine a nature-based culture so alive and so connected spreading like wildfire. This book is the match!


Humankind has the capacity and know-how to create Earth-honoring cultures in a new way for new times. Through tapping into ancestral memories, taking what's best from the human potential movement, and collaborating with present day indigenous peoples we can find our way home. Practicing the key ingredients of a lasting culture is an ecstatic way to live. This book shows you how.


Pfeiffer’s “Wild Earth, Wild Soul” is a recipe for realizing our greatest longing: to live in a culture rooted in the Earth where each of us is treated with love and respect. Filled with indigenous wisdom; this rich, practical offering provides a way for small groups to experience that now as well as hope for the well being of future generations.  ~ Thom Hartmann

Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for Ecstatic Culture is a major contribution to indigenous wisdom at a time when it is much needed by an ailing modernity. It provides an insightful entry into life giving changes much craved for, and must be read with deep reverence. ~ Malidoma Some

Bill Pfeiffer is a pioneer in bringing the technologies of Reunion to our wounded Western culture. This book was a blessing for me, both for its clear, vibrant articulation of basic principles of shamanic and ecological healing, and for its practical transmission of how to create powerful experiences for others. ~ Charles Eisenstein

Pfeiffer offers a valuable step forward in advancing our lives and the lives of our children--a life not only of compassion but also of ecstasy. ~ Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

"Bill Pfeiffer has followed his own wild heart in growing ways to  build an Earth-honoring culture.  His passion to heal our alienation from the natural world led him to deep ecology and then on to aboriginal elders of Siberia and the Americas.  Knowing that a shift in consciousness at the personal  level is essential, he has developed workshops to bring us back to our true nature as conscious members of the sacred living body of Earth.  It is good news for us all that Bill has chosen to share his approach and his methods in this manual.  I've known Bill for twenty years and would trust  him with my life." ~ Joanna Macy

Bill Pfeiffer's book is a generous and deeply felt articulation of how we can approach sustainable habitation of this planet that is our home. And, most uniquely, it supports people in feeling, rather than suppressing, the deep emotions they have about the damage to our planet. And from those deep feelings, to trust the crafting of a genuine individual response to that damage. ~ Stephen Buhner - author of The Secret Teachings of Plants, The Lost Language of Plants, and Ensouling Language.

A bridge is being built between indigenous beliefs that have been environmentally successful for millennia and the wise probing recently of intelligent non-Indians. Pfeiffer is an excellent bridge builder. Wild Earth, Wild Soul is a must read. ~ Ed Eagleman McGaa

Bill Pfeiffer
Bill Pfeiffer Bill Pfeiffer is a maverick deep ecologist, spiritual coach, and shamanic guide. In 1990, he founded Sacred Earth Network (SEN), a visionar...
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