Wings of Isis

Wings of Isis

The Wings of Isis presents a temple by temple guide into the mysteries of Egyptian Magic and the Isian Tradition.


Wings of Isis lifts the veils of mystery that surrounds the great Egyptian temples to reveal the magic and rituals of the Isian tradition.

For over 6000 years the great temples of Egypt have stood as the houses of the gods. Each temple was ruled by a different god or goddess. The ceremonies and rituals performed in these temples reflected the attributes of each deity. A true magical society, the ancient Egyptians looked towards their deities for all of their needs. Chief among these deities the mother goddess over all, Isis, spread her wings over all people uniting them through her magic and healing.

Egyptian History, Philosophy, magic rituals, healing and symbolism revealed as you journey through each temple and chapter of this book.

Brenda McKoy A.K.A. Lady Brenda is the High Priestess and founder of the Grove of the Green Cobra, Temple of Ancient Mysteries. For over 20 years she has taught classes, seminars and written about ancient magical traditions. Lady Brenda has appeared regularly on both radio and television.


A must-have for anyone intrigued by the magic of Egypt and interested in practical ways to bring this magic into their own homes, circles, and rituals. Coming across The Wings of Isis has proved to be a real piece of luck, and it's definitely the best option if you can’t just pack your suitcase and go to Egypt right now! The book skillfully weaves together several strands into a colorful tapestry. This book is magical and you will be spellbound by the mysteries of Egypt. Highly recommended. ~ SageWoman

In The Wings of Isis Lady Brenda McKoy weaves together history and mysticism, spirituality and divine guidance to weave this marvelous tapestry that brings pre-Islamic Egypt and the Ancient Ones alive for twenty-first century readers. ~ Karen Tate, author of Walking an Ancient Path

Lady Brenda McKoy
Lady Brenda McKoy Brenda McKoy A.K.A. Lady Brenda is the High Priestess and founder of the Grove of the Green Cobra, Temple of Ancient Mysteries. For over 2o ...
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