Pagan Portals - Animal Magic

Working with spirit animal guides

Rachel Patterson

Pagan Portals - By Wolfsbane & Mandrake Root

The shadow world of plants and their poisons

Melusine Draco

Pagan Portals - Gods and Goddesses of Ireland

A Guide to Irish Deities

Morgan Daimler

Pagan Portals - Pan

Dark Lord of the Forest and Horned God of the Witches

Melusine Draco

Pagan Portals - The Urban Ovate

The Handbook of Psychological Druidry

Brendan Howlin

Goddess in America, The

The Divine Feminine in Cultural Context

Trevor Greenfield

Zen for Druids

A Further Guide to Integration, Compassion and Harmony with Nature

Joanna van der Hoeven

Spring equinox Mar 23 2017

By Nimue Brown For a moment, we stand between the dark half of the year, and the light. It's hard to feel that moment. If you're sensitive to day lengths, then what you feel at the equinox is the s...

Author insights - Elen Sentier Mar 21 2017

When did you first realise you wanted to write? About age 3 What was your first book? Dreamweaving – about doing British native shamanism What makes you stand out as an author? Probably becaus...

The Awen Alone Mar 19 2017

The Awen Alone : Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid audiobook is now here! Available through bandcamp, you can download the book, as well as receiving Joanna van der Hoeven's music album, "Dro...

Author insights - Melusine Draco Mar 17 2017

When did you first realise you wanted to write? When I was still in secondary school and was told by the career’s officer not to talk stupid. She suggested I went to work for British Rail ins...

Merlin, past and future Mar 15 2017

Since the release of her Pagan Portal on Merlin, Elen Sentier has been out and about giving talks... On the 24th of February she gave a talk on Merlin, Thresholds & the Fatherless Child. th...

Author insights - Lucya Starza Mar 13 2017

When did you first realise you wanted to write? As soon as I learnt to write. Probably about the age of five. What was your first book? Well, when I was about five, as soon as I realised I want...

News and films from Imelda Almqvist Mar 11 2017

Moon Books author Imelda Almqvist has had so much going on lately that it needs a whole blog post to bring you up to speed! She did an 'At Home' photoshoot with Spirit & Destiny Magazine For t...