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Tales of the Celtic Bards by Claire Hamilton

Tales of the Celtic Bards

Claire Hamilton

Jul 2008

Way of Awen, The by Kevan Manwaring

Way of Awen, The

Kevan Manwaring

Jun 2010

Learn the art of living creatively in this mythopoeic examination of the tale of Taliesin. A follow up to The Bardic Handbook, looks at the philosophy behind the bardic path.

Georgia Through Its Folktales by Michael Berman

Georgia Through Its Folktales

Michael Berman

Mar 2010

where Noah’s Ark is said to have settled, home of the Argonauts and of Prometheus

Bridge to the Other Side, A by Michael Berman

Bridge to the Other Side, A

Michael Berman

Apr 2012

The study of how ancient peoples understood and responded to death can add to our own understanding and self-development, and this is what led to the writing of this book.

Georgia through Earth, Fire, Air and Water by Michael Berman

Georgia through Earth, Fire, Air and Water

Michael Berman

May 2012

Tales from a time when the Earth was new help to jolt us out of our daily lethargy – a number of which have never been translated from Georgian direct into English before.

Shaman's Quest, The by Nevill Drury

Shaman's Quest, The

Nevill Drury

Sep 2012

By exploring universal themes of spiritual renewal, "The Shaman’s Quest" shows us how we can all find the Great Song of Life and learn to value the sacred

Breaking the Mother Goose Code by Jeri Studebaker

Breaking the Mother Goose Code

Jeri Studebaker

Feb 2015

For centuries the real Mother Goose has been shrouded in mystery; now, finally, her secret identity is revealed.

Grail, The by Simon Andrew Stirling

Grail, The

Simon Andrew Stirling

Mar 2015

The Death-and-Rebirth Mysteries in Arthur's Britain.

Moon Song by Elen Sentier

Moon Song

Elen Sentier

Feb 2015

Tristan died too soon, Isoldé must bring him back to finish his job … write the Moon Song.