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Divining with Animal Guides

Answers from the World at Hand

Hearth Moon Rising

Feb 2018

Finding personal guidance in the study of nature.

Pagan Portals - Divination: By Rod, Birds and Fingers

Melusine Draco

Aug 2018

An Introduction to Divination

Spiritual Runes, The

A Guide to the Ancestral Wisdom

Harmonia Saille

Jun 2009

Through the secret language of the spiritual runes this book will lead the reader onto a journey of self-discovery.

Just Add Blood

Runelore - Understanding and Using the Anglo-Saxon Runes

Kennan Elkman Taylor, MD

Mar 2014

A brief, idiosyncratic and magical approach to rune usage within Anglo-Saxon culture and spirituality, directed toward healing and personal development.

Book of Destiny, The

Answers from the Oracle

Flavia Kate Peters
Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

May 2015

Be it in your working, romantic or physical life, wise words of wisdom walk with you, to provide the answers.