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Walking An Ancient Path

Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Jun 2008

Loneliness and Revelation

A Study of the Sacred: Part I in the series

Brendan Myers

Oct 2010

This book explains the nature of loneliness, why the usual solutions fail, and offers a philosophical and spiritual solution.

Journey to the Dark Goddess

How to Return to Your Soul

Jane Meredith

May 2012

Discover the powerful secrets of the Dark Goddess and transform your depression, grief and pain into healing and integration.  

Druidry and Meditation

Nimue Brown

Jan 2012

Deep contemplation enables the voice of spirit to be heard. Meditation and Druidry combine to bring peace and possibility.

Druidry and the Ancestors

Finding our place in our own history

Nimue Brown

Nov 2012

Exploring how we use the past to construct ourselves, and how we imagine the future.

Teen Spirit Guide to Working with Mediumship

Ceryn Rowntree

Feb 2015

A brilliant and comprehensive guide to working and communicating with the Spirit world safely.

Pagan Portals - Spirituality Without Structure

The Power of finding your own path

Nimue Brown

Nov 2013

The only meaningful spiritual journey is the one you consciously undertake.

Way of the Lover, The

Sufism, Shamanism and the Spiritual Art of Love

Ross Heaven

Sep 2017

The secrets of the Sufi medicine wheel, a journey to love and power