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Wings of Isis by Lady Brenda McKoy

Wings of Isis

Lady Brenda McKoy

Sep 2009

The Wings of Isis presents a temple by temple guide into the mysteries of Egyptian Magic and the Isian Tradition.

Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing, A by David Salisbury

Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing, A

David Salisbury

Sep 2016

Using energetic methods from a variety of traditions and philosophies, this is a new approach to the practice of cleansing our lives.

Pagan Portals - Nature Mystics by Rebecca   Beattie

Pagan Portals - Nature Mystics

The Literary Gateway to Modern Paganism

Rebecca Beattie

Jul 2015

Tracing the Literary Origins of Modern Paganism

Way of the Lover, The by Ross Heaven

Way of the Lover, The

Sufism, Shamanism and the Spiritual Art of Love

Ross Heaven

Sep 2017

The secrets of the Sufi medicine wheel, a journey to love and power