Way of the Druid

The Renaissance of a Celtic Religion and its Relevance for Today

Graeme Talboys

May 2006

Tales of the Celtic Bards

Claire Hamilton

Jul 2008

San Piper, The

Encounters with an Otherworldly Bushman

Uys Lafra

Jan 2008

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness

Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World With Ancient Shamanic and Modern Methods

Llyn Roberts

Sep 2011

Ancient and modern methods that you can use everyday to transform yourself and make a positive difference in the world.

Old Gods, New Druids

Robin Herne

Oct 2009

Enter the world of ancient Celtic Gods and their modern day followers.

Shamanism: The Book of Journeys

Dr Eve Bruce
Robert Levy

Sep 2010

A compendium of shamanic journeys for practical use of this ancient practice today.


Tending the Fires of the Great Spirit Within

Marcus F. Griffin

Aug 2010

Tribe conjures primordial visions and bids us to travel beyond the boundaries of what we can see with our eyes.

Pagan Portals - Runes

Kylie Holmes

Dec 2013

The Runes are a set of 24 symbols which are steeped in history, myths and legends. This book offers practical and accessible information for anyone to understand this ancient form of divination.

Post-Tribal Shamanism

A New Look at the Old Ways

Kenn Day

Jan 2014

The practice of shamanism, revisioned and applied to the modern practitioner. 

Shaman Pathways - The Celtic Chakras

Elen Sentier

Jan 2013

Tread the British native shaman’s path, explore the goddess hidden in the ancient stories; walk the Celtic chakra spiral labyrinth.

Wild Earth, Wild Soul

A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture

Bill Pfeiffer

Jun 2013

Imagine a nature-based culture so alive and so connected spreading like wildfire. This book is the match!

Shaman Pathways - Elen of the Ways

British Shamanism - Following the Deer Trods

Elen Sentier

Jul 2013

British shamanism has largely been forgotten: the reindeer goddess of the ancient Boreal forest is shrouded in mystery...follow her deer-trods to rediscover her old ways.

Drinking the Four Winds

A Shamanic Love Story

Ross Heaven

Jul 2013

A love story. An adventure. An Andean shamanic initiation based on the principles of love, reciprocity and blending with God.

Shaman Pathways - The Druid Shaman

Exploring the Celtic Otherworld

Danu Forest

Jan 2014

A practical guide to Celtic shamanism with exercises and techniques as well as traditional lore for exploring the Celtic Otherworld.

Facing the Darkness

Cat Treadwell

Oct 2013

Stories, tools and inspiration to help those suffering from depression - from a Pagan perspective.

Dance of Stones

A Shamanic Road Trip

Kenn Day

Oct 2013

A unique perspective from a full-time shaman, actively practicing in a professional setting for over 25 years.

Paganism 101

An Introduction to Paganism by 101 Pagans

Trevor Greenfield

Feb 2014

Paganism 101 - An Introduction to Paganism by 101 Pagans

Story of Light, The

Hannah Spencer

Apr 2014

To understand yourself is to know the truth about all. One person's quest to discover the true meaning of life.

Rush Hour Shaman, The

Shamanic Practices for Urban Living

Janet Elizabeth Gale

Mar 2014

Reconnect with the preciousness of your own soul, and the healer within through shamanic practices designed for the modern world.

Children of the Green: Raising our Kids in Pagan Traditions

Hannah E. Johnston

May 2014

Children of the Green is an in-depth consideration of child raising from within pagan spirituality.

Essays in Contemporary Paganism

Trevor Greenfield

Dec 2013

A Moon Books anthology of Pagan writers considering a range of different contemporary issues.

Shaman Within, The

Reclaiming our Rites of Passage

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Oct 2013

Explaining how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits.

Shaman Pathways - Trees of the Goddess

a new way of working with the Ogham

Elen Sentier

Jul 2014

Work with the Trees of the Goddess and the old ways of Britain.

Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Nov 2014

If we can vision it, we can manifest it! Here are conversations that help us begin to re-shape the world!

Naming the Goddess

Trevor Greenfield

Sep 2014

Naming the Goddess is written by over eighty adherents and scholars of Goddess and Goddess Spirituality.

Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone

Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid

Joanna van der Hoeven

Nov 2014

An Introductory Guide for the Solitary Druid

Pagan Portals - Blacksmith Gods

Myths, Magicians & Folklore

Pete Jennings

Jul 2014

Exploring dark folk tales and customs alongside the magic and myths of the blacksmith Gods through time and place.

Carry the Rock

An Apprentice Journey

Jessica D. Rzeszewski

Dec 2014

As an apprentice to a Toltec shaman, Jessica attains what many seekers long for, but during the process her decision as an apprentice surprises even her.

Shaman Pathways - Following the Deer Trods

A practical guide to working with Elen of the Ways

Elen Sentier

Jan 2015

British native shamanism