Aphrodite's Magic

Aphrodite's Magic

Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality

A magical workbook to heal and celebrate women's sexuality. It culminates in a powerful affirmation of self-honoring and sexual embodiment.


Are you a woman who believes in your own beauty? Do you love your sensuality and live it fully? Aphrodite's Magic is a journey into seven aspects of women's sexuality. Enter the Temple of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and explore the layers of your most private, feminine self. This book will guide you to resolve and heal past trauma, grief and abuse so your sexuality is set free from the past. You will be inspired to honor and celebrate your unique embodiment of the feminine and allow the magic of the Goddess to enter your body with every breath you take. Visualizations and rituals are included to support each step of your journey. Rediscovering seven strands of your sexuality, dancing, journaling and creative processes lead the reader to weave a spell that culminates in a powerful affirmation of self-honoring and sexual embodiment. You can also create your own magical girdle, like the one worn by Aphrodite herself. Aphrodite's Magic will release you from the past and inspire your sexual and spiritual self for the future.


Aphrodite's Magic is both a practical and magical guide, written clearly and with emotional depth. By putting her workshop material in book form, Meredith bestows upon many women a healing and enriching gift. ~ Medusa Coils, http://medusacoils.blogspot.co.uk/2010/04/review-aphrodites-magic.html

A life-changing book to help you go deeper into and celebrate your Goddess-given femininity and beauty. ~ SageWoman

Aphrodite's Magic is both a practical and magical guide, written clearly and with emotional depth. By putting her workshop material in book form, Meredith bestows upon many women a healing and enriching gift. ~ Judith Laura, medusacoils.blogspot.com

This is a really useful book. Yes, it's a book about women's sexuality, but it is also about how to see beauty in everyone, how to heal some very commonly found, but deeply crippling emotional hurts and how to enjoy living in your own skin. Highly recommended.

~ Pagan Dawn

The whole book is a magical spell: it is profound, amazing, liberating, and one of the best books I've come across to truly experience the energies of the Goddess.  Highly recommended.

~ Miriam Raven, Avalon

A lovely book for women of all ages who want to explore the magic of their sexuality, gain confidence and heal damage they possibly didn't even realise they had suffered. ~ Lucya Szachnowski/Starza, www.badwitch.co.uk

Aphrodite’s Magic is a deceptively simple book, written in an easy style and requiring no dictionary to understand what auth Jane Meredith is trying to convey. It describes a series of magical workings for women to celebrate, understand, and embrace their sexuality while healing any psychological damage, all the while creating a Girdle of Aphrodite. 

Highly recommended

~ Lisa Mc Sherry, Facing North

Jane Meredith leads us afresh to positive sexuality for women. She neatly escapes the trap of partner/male pleasing as a pathway to the sex-positive by encouraging participants to make pleasure internal, and sets forth the revolutionary idea of pleasing the self and taking pleasure in the self, first. This permits a woman to divorce herself from the approval-seeking aesthetic that dominant culture demands.

Guided meditations, journaling exercises and body movement all provide tools for a seeker to re-vision beauty. Meredith then shows her readers how to claim and use their voices, know their heart, face their fears and live in their bodies. The subtle pathwork is simple and fearsome, leading to a woman owning her sexuality completely.

This book is experiential rather than academic and belongs on the shelves of those who like to read and then do. Meredith’s written voice leads her readers to delight, and the exercises leads those willing to brave them to real healing. An excellent primer for the sex-positive and those who wish to be: this book may well be the place to begin when it comes to exploring new attitudes in sex and sex magic.

~ Diana Rajchel , Facing North. www.facingnorth.net

This book goes far above and beyond being a regular sex manual. It is a recipe book showing us how to become women of more wisdom and power, and helps us to cook up more love for ourselves and each other. Extraordinary enthusiasm for her subject and for wanting us to become gourmet lovers drips off these pages. She offers us magical and practical tools and ingredients with conviction. Not recommended for the cynical and closed-minded. ~ Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Sexologist, Artist, Sexologist, Artist

Aphrodite's Magic is an exquisitely simple book, beautifully reminding us just how simple nature is and what profound power is in that simplicity. Full of tenderness, tears, laughter, creativity and dance – all wrapped up in the velvet candlelit gorgeousness of a sensual magical spell – Jane Meredith guides the reader, inspiring her to walk the journey entirely in her own sweet way. ~ Emma Restall Orr, Druid, author of Kissing the Hag

I applaud Jane Meredith’s approach to dealing with what is still a taboo subject for Western society---women, their bodies, their genitals, their sexuality and their experiences of abuse. She acknowledges that the first step to changing these taboos is for women to explore and understand their own bodies, self image, genitals and sexuality so that they can confidently share and express who they are and what they need in personal relationships and in society at large. Aphrodite's Magic is a pathway for a woman to being one step closer to feeling comfortable with who she is in relation to her body and sexuality. It culminates in the making of Aphrodites Girdle: a symbolic celebration and reminder of her unique beauty and qualities. ~ Elise Julien, Ph.D., Clinical and Counseling Psychologist

Acknowledging, embracing and invoking our essential feminine qualities heals, empowers and strengthens our consciousness as women, individually and collectively. Jane Meredith, with sensitivity and passion, delicately weaves the reader into the very fabric of Aphrodite’s Girdle. She inspires us to move forward by reaching back to female archetypal forces which arise naturally when we surrender to the spirit of the present through ritual. An exceptional resource for women on a quest for healing, balance and discovering the source of pure love lying within. ~ Diana Richardson, Acclaimed Tantra teacher and author of The Heart of Tantric Sex

Aphrodite's Magic is a great book about sexuality, self expression and freedom for women. In ancient times Aphrodite's Girdle was a magical belt worn low on the hips that gave whoever wore it irresistible powers of sexual attraction. This highly readable spiritual workbook takes women through seven stages of creating and weaving together seven coloured cords to create your own personal magical Girdle. Working through the processes given you will learn how to relate to your own sexuality in beautiful new ways, exploring your beliefs about yourself as a woman, healing and releasing old wounds of abuse and heartbreak, and liberating yourself through creativity into a new freedom to be yourself as a woman. The book includes magical rituals, journeying, journalling, art, dance, song and creativity to be carried out alone, shared with a woman friend or in larger groups of women. It's a magical spellbinding book that can change women's lives. ~ Kathy Jones, Glastonbury Goddess Conference Organizer; author of Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess.

Jane Meredith is a gentle guide to the wise and winsome ways of the eternal Love Goddess Aphrodite. Each page, each exercise, each ritual leads the reader one step closer to embracing her own unique sensual, sexual charms. ~ Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, author of The Queen of My Self

What the planet needs is the attentive weaving of more magic and it has to begin within each particular being – the primary Place of the Mother’s resurgence. Aphrodite’s Magic is a rich resource for this, outlining carefully a detailed process for guiding the deep and holy Desire for wholeness, re-storying Aphrodite Herself - as each woman births Her anew. ~ Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D., Author of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion

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