Pagan Portals - Candle Magic

A witch's guide to spells and rituals

Lucya Starza

Pagan Planet

Being, Believing & Belonging in the 21Century

Nimue Brown

Pagan Portals - Meditation

Rachel Patterson

Pagan Portals - Your Faery Magic

Discover what it means to be fey and unlock your natural power

Halo Quin

Pagan Portals - Hekate

A Devotional

Vivienne Moss

Heart of Life, The

Shamanic Initiation & Healing in the Modern World

Jez Hughes

Pagan Portals - Irish Paganism

Reconstructing Irish Polytheism

Morgan Daimler

This Ancient Heart: Landscape, Ancestor, Self

Paul Davies
Caitlín Matthews

Pagan Dreaming

The magic of altered consciousness

Nimue Brown

Moon Bard - February Feb 8 2016

[caption id="attachment_2775" align="alignright" width="385"] c. Stephen Chapman[/caption] February ….. Spring is here, so they say; still the long and dreaming nights persist for a while but the...

New for February - Pagan Portals - Candle Magic Feb 6 2016

A witch's guide to spells and rituals Using candles in simple spells, seasonal rituals and essential craft techniques. Candle magic is something almost everyone has tried, even as a child - who ...

Author news for February Feb 4 2016

Here’s a roundup of what’s been going on with Moon Books authors lately and news about things being plotted for the near future... In January... Lucya Starza had a fantastic launch at Treadw...

Imbolc ~ Sowing Seeds Feb 2 2016

By Sheena Cundy In the belly of the earth at this time, there is lot of growing going on. We can’t see it all, but it’s happening all the same. It’s what nature does… she grows. She may loo...

Pantheon: History, Deity, Mythology, Past & Present Jan 30 2016

Moon Books has an idea for a new series of books written as a cooperative effort between Moon Books authors and the increasing number of casual writers who enjoy contributing their experience and know...

Madness, Magic and reviewers Jan 28 2016

Every book is a gamble. No one knows when they write a book whether anyone will want it, or read it, and if anyone reads it whether they will get it, or enjoy it. For writers, every book is a risky ba...

Pagan Planet People, Moon Bookers Jan 26 2016

Pagan Planet is a community book, which means many of the contributors are not professional authors. However, there are a number of Moon Books authors who have contributed their thoughts to the collec...