Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft

Morgan Daimler

Arc of the Goddess

Rachel Patterson
Tracey Roberts

Art of Ritual, The

Rachel Patterson

Legacy of Druids, A

Conversations with Druid leaders of Britain, the USA and Canada, past and present

Ellen Evert Hopman

Pagan Portals - Celtic Witchcraft

Modern Witchcraft meets Celtic Ways

Mabh Savage

Whispers from the Earth

Teaching stories from the ancestors, beautifully woven for today's spiritual seekers

Taz Thornton

Pagan Portals - Brigid

Meeting the Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Forge, and Healing Well

Morgan Daimler

Pagan Portals - Candle Magic

A witch's guide to spells and rituals

Lucya Starza

Pagan Planet

Being, Believing & Belonging in the 21Century

Nimue Brown

Natural Born Shamans May 27 2016

Imelda Almqvist and John Carosella are recording an on-going a dialogue about creating a spiritual toolkits with children and teenagers! And John asks some rather tricky questions - as indeed he shou...

Sex, Power and Politics of the Sacred Feminine May 25 2016

Karen Tate is an author and radio host with a passion for the sacred feminine. Karen Tate's books are currently on offer on kindle. Voices of the Sacred Feminine:...

Cover reveals May 23 2016

We've got some exciting new titles coming out later this year. Can you judge the books by their covers? Mark Olly, Revealing The Green Man - a darker sort of green Man image than we normally see, a...

The House of the Double Axe May 21 2016

An excerpt from Laura Perry's book on Minoan spirituality: Ariadne's Thread When we think of Crete, among the many images that come to¬†mind is the famed labyrinth, the maze Theseus encountered in¬...

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters May 19 2016

You can see Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters at a number of events this coming June ... 4th-5th Drumming Experience: release, heal, live, Carlisle. 11th-12th Life Arts Events, C...

Study with Elen Sentier May 17 2016

Training in British Native Shamanism Moon Books author Elen Sentier offers an Apprenticeship in the Old Ways of Britain The apprenticeship begins on the 31st October each year and lasts for one ...

Carry the Rock - an excerpt May 15 2016

Carry the Rock is a memoir for every spiritual seeker who signs on for a shamanic apprenticeship with their whole heart and soul, yet they find that something is wrong. The apprenticeship feels like a...