Pagan Portals - Odin

Meeting the Norse Allfather

Morgan Daimler

Faerie Stones

An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Associated with Stones & Crystals

Ceri Norman

Witchcraft...into the wilds

Rachel Patterson

Divining with Animal Guides

Answers from the World at Hand

Hearth Moon Rising

Primal Awareness

Reconnecting with the Spirits of Nature

Rob Wildwood


A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

Morgan Daimler

Pagan Portals - Have a Cool Yule

How-To Survive (and Enjoy) the Mid-Winter Festival

Melusine Draco

Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days

366 Magical Ways to Observe the Cycle of the Year

Lucya Starza

Pagan Portals - Gwyn ap Nudd

Wild god of Faery, Guardian of Annwfn

Danu Forest


Trevor Greenfield

As Two Labeled Others in the Lobby of Pantheacon... Feb 24 2018

So, the first day at Pantheacon (Friday afternoon), I was walking past the coffee shop located near the lobby. Along the windows, there are various tables where folks can sit and chat. As I am walking...

The Magic of Hops Feb 24 2018

Each year, the International Herb Association chooses an Herb of the Year. The decision is made by the horticultural committee and is based on what they consider the plant's superior attributes in at ...

Contributors to Witchcraft Today 60 Years On Feb 24 2018

Witchcraft Today is an anthology that was published by Moon Books in 2014, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Gerald Gardner's seminal work, Witchcraft Today. In the sixty years following th...

Chapter 3 – Nicnevin Feb 23 2018

Having met the Queen of Elfland in the previous chapter, now let’s take a look at Nicnevin who some say is the Queen of the Unseelie Court. The Unseelie are the less benevolent and more dangerous co...

Sugar Jar Spell for a New Home Feb 23 2018

Sugar Jar Spell for a New Home   If you are looking to move house this sugar jar spell could help things along. Find a photo of the house you want to move into or a picture of your i...

WOW Air is NOT so Wow! Feb 23 2018

By Imelda Almqvist Twice a year I teach in the U.S. I usually take a direct flight from London to Philadelphia. Earlier this month I needed to get myself from the East Coast to Stockholm instead an...

Dartmoor: Wild Magic & Nwyfre Feb 21 2018

If you’ve read my other monthly blogs for Moon Books, you might remember my very first post about Orkney and Walking in Wild places? I received several positive comments asking if I could continue t...