Aspecting the Goddess by Jane Meredith

Aspecting the Goddess

Drawing Down the Divine Feminine

Jane Meredith

Pagan Portals - Rhiannon by Jhenah Telyndru

Pagan Portals - Rhiannon

Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons

Jhenah Telyndru

Pagan Portals - Odin by Morgan Daimler

Pagan Portals - Odin

Meeting the Norse Allfather

Morgan Daimler

Faerie Stones by Ceri Norman

Faerie Stones

An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Associated with Stones & Crystals

Ceri Norman

Divining with Animal Guides by Hearth Moon Rising

Divining with Animal Guides

Answers from the World at Hand

Hearth Moon Rising

Witchcraft...into the wilds by Rachel Patterson

Witchcraft...into the wilds

Rachel Patterson

Primal Awareness by Rob Wildwood

Primal Awareness

Reconnecting with the Spirits of Nature

Rob Wildwood

Fairies by Morgan Daimler


A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

Morgan Daimler

Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days by Lucya Starza

Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days

366 Magical Ways to Observe the Cycle of the Year

Lucya Starza

Pagan Portals - Have a Cool Yule by Melusine Draco

Pagan Portals - Have a Cool Yule

How-To Survive (and Enjoy) the Mid-Winter Festival

Melusine Draco

Magical Food for Healing & Health Apr 20 2018

Magical Food for Healing & Health We all know that a healthy balanced diet is the one to go for to maintain good health.  I don’t advocate crash diets in fact I don’t believe in diets ...

The Selkie: Endurance in Wild Places. Apr 19 2018

Selkie is the Orcadian dialect word for seal, and legends of the Selkie, the mythological creature who slips from their sealskins to become a human on midsummer’s eve – originated up in the furthe...

Importance of Place Apr 19 2018

As a green-spirited pagan, one whose inspiration and connection has always been most strongly felt within the Land rather than people or traditions or words, it shouldn’t surprise me that the en...

Journey to Avalon Apr 18 2018

Registration is open for the next session of “Journey to Avalon: Walking the Priestess Path”. This seven month online exploration of Sovereignty and Service begins on the first of June. All women ...

The Nine Touchstones of Spirituality: Nurture Life Apr 17 2018

As I wrote in my last entry, Carol Christ’s “Nine Touchstones of Goddess Spirituality” is one of the guiding texts of my spiritual practice. Taking a deep dive into these nine touchstones is val...

Maria F. DeBlassie joins Moon Books Apr 16 2018

In October, Moon Books will be publishing Everyday Enchantments from new author Maria F DeBlassie. Maria F DeBlassie, Ph.D. is a native New Mexican mestiza blogger, writer, and award-winning educat...

Inside Paganism 101 Apr 14 2018

Paganism 101 is an introduction to Paganism written by 101 Pagans! A rather neat take on the 101 book, we though. When you're picking up an anthology, it's good to know who wrote what, so, here's the ...