Pagan Portals - Animal Magic

Working with spirit animal guides

Rachel Patterson

Pagan Portals - By Wolfsbane & Mandrake Root

The shadow world of plants and their poisons

Melusine Draco

Pagan Portals - Gods and Goddesses of Ireland

A Guide to Irish Deities

Morgan Daimler

Pagan Portals - The Urban Ovate

The Handbook of Psychological Druidry

Brendan Howlin

Pagan Portals - Pan

Dark Lord of the Forest and Horned God of the Witches

Melusine Draco

Goddess in America, The

The Divine Feminine in Cultural Context

Trevor Greenfield

Zen for Druids

A Further Guide to Integration, Compassion and Harmony with Nature

Joanna van der Hoeven

Win a copy of Merlin: Once and Future Wizard Apr 27 2017

Elen Sentier originally put this on the wall of her Merlin page over on Facebook, we're sharing it on... It was just before Midwinter that Pagan Portals – Merlin: once & future wizard came ou...

Padstow May Day Apr 25 2017

Wondering what to do for May Day? Here's an excerpt from Kevan Manwaring's Turning The Wheel... There is no better place to be in England on May Day than Padstow in North Cornwall, where every May ...

Laura Perry: Finding My Path Apr 23 2017

It’s been quite a roundabout path that has finally brought me to Modern Minoan Paganism. My first “Aha!” moment occurred during a high school art history class, when my teacher showed us a pho...

Seasonal alternatives for Pagans Apr 21 2017

Recently we had a blog about wildflowers and Beltain here at Moon Books, and you can expect some seasonal posting around the festival. However, it's good to explore alternatives, and ahead of her firs...

Writing in Goa Apr 19 2017

Moon Books author Angela Paine has been travelling while working on her new book... Conditions were not ideal. The room where I used to stay had vanished, demolished to make way for the construction...

Stalking the Goddess Apr 17 2017

Mark Carter's Stalking the Goddess is a companion book for Robert Graves' The White Goddess. It makes sense of this often challenging, sometime impenetrable text. Here's an excerpt from early in the b...

Flowers and Beltain Apr 15 2017

By Nimue Brown For me, woodland flowers are as much a part of Beltain as the more traditional hawthorn flowers. I grew up on the Cotswold edge, where in May, the beech woods have a carpet beneath t...