Nature rituals Jun 30 2015

By Nimue Brown When I first came to Druidry, I studied the wheel of the year with great enthusiasm, and spent a number of turns really working with those eight festivals. However, the more time I s...

Danni Niles reviews Jun 28 2015

Danni Niles is a Pagan reviewer with a youtube channel. Some of her channel is about book reviews but she has an array of videos including topics like Ritual in Druidry and gender language around deit...

Against Dream Interpretation Books Jun 26 2015

By Nimue Brown Dream interpretation books are a likelihood on any MBS bookshelf, and have been for decades. I encountered my first such book as a child, and was greatly interested in it. Other ones...

Solstice, and midsummer Jun 24 2015

Halo Quin writes... This solstice was the first in years that I didn't get up to greet the sunrise. Winter or summer. Did I fail as a witch? Did I do it 'wrong'? Far from it. I stayed up long into t...

Mystery at Midsummer, Minoan Style Jun 21 2015

By Laura Perry Mystery plays were a big part of life in the ancient world, when people’s seasonal work was punctuated throughout the year by sacred festivals of all sorts. What on earth is a myst...

A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food Jun 20 2015

This month we have a new title for you written by Rachel Patterson. Following on from her other massively popular Kitchen Witch books... A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food. Food is magical, no...


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